Carmody gone at Northwestern; Duke Blue Devils Asst. could be Replacement

Carmody gone at Northwestern; Duke Blue Devils Asst. could be Replacement
Bill Carmody is officially gone.
Northwestern Athletic Director Jim Phillips met with the NU players this morning and will address the media at 5:30 tonight.  (The announcement of the press conference was made about 35 minutes. Multiple sources are reporting Bill Carmody is out as men’s basketball coach.Word is Duke Blue Devils assistant Chris Collins is the top choice of the A.D. in finding Carmody’s replacement.
Reasons why Bill Carmody was let go:-You can’t blame the coach for injuries, but you can blame the coach for how his team responds to injuries. This year, the team has set new lows for the Carmody era on offense. And in 6 home blowout losses they looked utterly devoid of fight. There were halves where they score in the teens and finish games in the 40s.-Carmody had a golden chance to make the big dance last year and blew it. Entering the Big Ten Tournament, the Gophers RPI was 90, NU 47. In that tournament, Minnesota was a #10 seed, Northwestern a #7. As we all recall, NU lost as a favorite in OT.  Northwestern was a consensus “last four in” according to most bracketologists at the time. A win would have solidified their case AND given them another game to play. And winning that second one would have locked up a bid. Carmody said he told his players before that game:

“if you win tonight, it doesn’t mean you’re in, if you lose it doesn’t mean you’re out.”

-After the loss Carmody said: “Doesn’t mean anything either way. We’ll put our resume out there and see how it goes…well, we will practice on Sunday, that I know. It’s a body of work. And a few years ago, they said the last 10 games used to be something that if you were on a hot streak, that was more important than playing December games, but now they say it’s not true.”

Those comments did not make it seem like Carmody was serious about making the NCAAs, or at least didn’t treat that game seriously enough



-If Pat Fitzgerald can get the college football team to bowl games with these strict admission standards, then someone out there can get the Cats into the tourney with the same restrictions in place. This fall was the first time Northwestern, Duke, Vanderbilt, Stanford and Notre Dame all made bowl games.

As the Trib’s Dan McNeil put it:

A football team needs at least a dozen studs to contend for conference championships. A basketball team needs only two or three top-level players and it’s on its way. Perish the thought of football players being smarter than basketball players. Fitzgerald has faced the same challenges as Carmody. The same difficult admission standards. Small stadium. Chicago being a pro town.

-No coach can sustain 25+ win seasons with NCAA Tournament wins year after year running the Princeton offense and 1-3-1 zones on defense. It’s a gimmicky lost art.

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