Big 10 Power Rankings: extremely glib edition

Big 10 Power Rankings: extremely glib edition

Doing a power rankings is fun and interesting in the beginning and/or middle of the season. Towards the end, it’s kind of useless. You just look at the standings. Also, preconference basketball doesn’t really mean as much as conference action. That’s when we’ll learn a lot more. Now that Butler has knocked off the #1 Hoosiers, you know they’ll lose their spot at #1 here as well.

Guess who the new #1 is?

1. Michigan Wolverines

They look good, but I still think they’re overrated. Remember they lost to John Groce and Ohio in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last year. Trey Burke has been lights out and Nick Stauskus has been a star thus far.

2. Indiana Hoosiers

The IU stats seemed inflated because of their weak early schedule. The blowout of UNC doesn’t seem to mean much now. Butler exposed their weaknesses- especially the coaching flaws of Tom Crean.


3. Ohio State Buckeyes

Looking like the Final Four team of last year. But then again who have they played? Really?

4. Illinois Fighting Illini

Wow a top ten national team is just 4th in their league. Well the B1G is redeeming itself for the 2-5 or worse bowl performance you’ll soon see. John Groce is saying all the right things thus far. He knows his team needs to be tougher at home, and do a better job blowing out the scrubs. They’ve had some issues with the mid to low majors- but then again undefeated is undefeated.

5. Minnesota Golden Gophers

Is it really Tubby Time? Gophers need to do something in March. It’s been ages since that’s happened. Goldy looks pretty good thus far.

6. Michigan State Spartans

Like the Illini, they struggle with the scrub teams and don’t pull away until later. The Kansas win negates the UConn loss. Tom Izzo must be livid with all the turnovers, and the issues on offense.


Now here’s where it gets really interesting

7. Iowa Hawkeyes

Could be NCAA Tourney bound despite looking shaky at times. Fran McCaffrey has the program moving in the right direction; which is good for the Hawkeye community in wake of that AWFUL excuse for a football season.

8. Wisconsin Badgers

Weird to rank a Bo Ryan team this low, but they have no point guard and no leadership. Badgers can’t even protect home court like they used to anymore.

9. Northwestern Wildcats

Don’t expect a Ewing Theory thing to happen with the loss of Drew Crawford; Wildcats had depth issues even before that. And their foul shooting is indeed quite foul. NCAA dreams will have to wait at least another year. Tourney teams don’t struggle with Texas St.

10. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Pretty good for a team no one cares about or follows. Quick, name a player. Ok, I’ll give you one Brandon Ubel. Quick, name another.

11. Penn St. Nittany Lions

Should be pretty bad in conference, losing Tim Frazier hurt. He’s like Talor Battle was- their entire team.

12. Purdue Boilermakers

If you think this is low then I’d advise you to watch what the Purdue fan blogs tweet during their games. They are sick of how this team just cannot shoot or score to save their lives. And they’re the only B1G team that’s under .500

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