Derrick Rose talks about his rehab

Derrick Rose talks about his rehab

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose addressed the media today for the first time in awhile and said

“I’m at peace with my health and no one should be worried”

“just trying to stay positive, work extremely hard to be better than before. I’m working on my patience knowing that I have to prove I’m ready to come back. I’m about two weeks away from being able to cut”
He went on to say that the cutting is the most important thing for him mentally and physically. He’s not ready to try to do it yet, but once he clears that hurdle he feels he’s on his way back. There is no specific date for his return, but we keep hearing February as a possible comeback date.
Adrian Petersen of the Minnesota Vikings suffered a similar injury as Rose but came back within 9 months. Rose is close to him

“It’s exciting and that’s someone where I had a commercial video game shoot with him. Seeing how well he’s doing is exciting for me, and I can’t wait to get back on the court and I can’t wait to see what kind of player I’m going to be,” Rose said.

Rose knows he has critics and doubters out there, not sure of what kind of player he will be once he returns.

“I’m going to be a better player, but who knows in what area, I always have the underdog mentality, there’s haters and doubters out there,” he said.

Rose recently joined Twitter, talking about things going on in the city and possibly being a role model.

“I can’t change all this, all I can do is put it out there and make you think about it,” he said.

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