No way Bulls should match Rockets' offer for Omer Asik

With restricted free agent Omer Asik signing a 3-year, $25.1 million offer sheet with the Houston Rockets, the Chicago Bulls have a major decision to make in the up-coming days; pay their back-up center more than eight million dollars per year or let him walk.  The solution is rather simple; wave good-bye to Asik.


In his two years in Chicago, Asik has been solid playing behind Joakim Noah and allowing the Bulls to have quality depth in their frontcourt.  However, it seems insane that the Rockets are willing to spend $8 million-plus per year on a guy who has averaged 2.9 points and 4.4 rebounds per game in his career.

Houston does have a huge hole to fill at center since Marcus Camby is a free agent and the team dealt Samuel Dalembert to the Bucks.  With capable big men in such demand in the NBA, teams are always willing to pay more for size. Just look at the fact that the Blazers offered a max contract to Pacers center Roy Hibbert.

The Bulls should laugh at the thought of matching Asik’s deal with Houston.  Simply put, Chicago cannot afford to pay him that much.  Noah and Carlos Boozer are on the books for more than $97 million and Taj Gibson will become a restricted free agent next summer meaning he will be due for a massive payraise.  Gibson is more versatile and skilled than Asik so Taj should be the priority of the two.

Chicago also has more pressing needs in trying to upgrade their talent on the wing.  Re-signing Asik as well as finding better talent on the perimeter would likely vault the team past the luxury tax which will be even more costly.

Chicago will have until Wednesday to formally make a decision.  Let me spare you the suspense though, Omer Asik’s brief tenure with the Bulls is OVA!

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David Kay is a senior feature NBA Draft, NBA, and college basketball writer for the Sports Bank.  He also heads up the NBA and college basketball material at Walter and is a former contributor at The Washington Times Communities.  David has appeared on numerous national radio programs spanning from Cleveland to New Orleans to Honolulu.  He also had the most accurate 2011 NBA Mock Draft on the web.

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  • Banks, if you knew anything about basketball, you'd be dangerous. If the question is should the Bulls match the Rockets offer of $25 million, the answer is a no-brainer, OF COURSE THEY SHOULD. Where else are they going to get an up-and-coming BIG for that kind of money? Who would replace him? The Bulls would need another BIG, so in reality how much money would they be saving? By the way, the offer is not 8+ million a year, the offer is backloaded, 5-5-15. If the Rockets could have made the offer any other way, they would have, but the League said no, it must be $5 million 1st year, $5 million 2nd year, and $15 3rd year if you're going to offer $25 million. Who knows what's going to happen three years down the road. If push comes to shove, the Bulls could amnesty Boozer's salary which they'll probably wind up doing anyway. No, No, the Bulls MUST keep the Turkish Hammer!!!

  • Did you make your case to the Rosenblog as well? He seems to agree with me

  • In reply to Paul M. Banks:

    Aside from Paul M. Banks, who the heck cares about Rosenblog says?? If your writings are based on what others think instead of your own thoughts you are not the best writer you can be. THINK for yourself and don't be afraid to go against those people and things that are popular.

    I completely agree with Bwana! The Bulls MUST keep Asik. Match the 2 years at $5m each and cross the bridge of year 3 when you get to it. Why cry and panic now for what's not to take place for 3 more years.

    I'm glad at least one sports writer sees the value of holding on the Asik. And his name is not Banks or Rosenblum and he doesn't write for the Tribune, ChicagoNow or ESPN. And he's make the case for keeping Asik that anyone who REALLY knows basketball would agree with. Check it out:

  • So you're saying that having Rosenboob agree with you is a GOOD thing???

  • First of all, agreeing with that idiot Rosenbloom is a BAD thing. Never has anyone been more knee-jerked and unqualified to write about sports. Rosenblech can eat s--t. As for Asik, Mr. Banks seems to make sense. $25m for a 7-footer who can't jump or dunk? Asik may develop an offensive game, but he may not get much better than he is. Then again, good big men are hard as hell to come by and you pay up for them. Still, did Asik play like a guy worth this contract when Noah went down? I say let the Rockets get themselves into cap hell, the Bulls are already there and will need money to sign Gibson, who at least has some offensive skills.

  • if you're on the fence about matching an offer sheet, not quite sure...then don't!

  • I never said everything Rosenbloom says is gospel. And I sure as hell don't base my writing off what other writers produce. I only brought them out because he's a smart guy, a smart ass and has his head on straight on this issue. Just like I do.

    thik about it 8 milliona year in the third year LEBRON TYPE MONEY, for a guy that can't score

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