What moves should Bulls make on Draft night?

What moves should Bulls make on Draft night?

Winning 50 games in the lockout shortened season of 2011-12 was a major accomplishment for the Chicago Bulls.  However, all that excitement and hopefulness of re-claiming the Larry O’Brien Trophy came crashing down with one injury to Derrick Rose.  Unfortunately, that’s how the Bulls 2011-12 season will be remembered. Being the best regular season team in the NBA went all for not, as the Bulls suffered that very rare #8 over #1 upset to the Philadelphia 76ers.

And that ACL injury to Rose that cost them the first round playoff series also has major consequence on what happens next season; meaning it’s the number point to center around what they do in the offseason, and on NBA Draft night.


Rumors have already started about who’s outta here. Luol Deng to the Golden State Warriors for the #7 pick? Kyle Korver and/or Ronnie Brewer on the trading block? C.J. Watson about to be jettisoned? A serious push to amnesty clause Carlos Boozer? All these ideas are being tossed around in Chicago and some of them could happen sooner rather than later.

You know there’s always a ton of trades on NBA Draft night, so expect the Bulls to possibly be a major player. They badly need someone to run the point in Rose’s absence, and a dire void at shooting guard. Rip Hamilton is never healthy, and isn’t the Rip you knew and despised with the rival Detroit Pistons even when he is healthy. Therefore, both positions could be addressed on draft night, with the one pick the Bulls have.

Here’s what we see them doing tomorrow evening:

29. Chicago- Marquis Teague, PG, Kentucky, 6-2, Fr.
With Derrick Rose’s future in question for next season, the Bullsneed to find some depth at point guard.  Even if Rose is healthy, a solid back-up would be helpful.  Chicago could elect to add a shooting guard as well.

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