Bears WR Roy Williams Drops Suit vs. Miss Texas Brooke Daniels

Bears WR Roy Williams Drops Suit vs. Miss Texas Brooke Daniels

Chicago Bears wideout Roy Williams was a HORRIBLE signing by a front office known for making some really dumb NFL personnel moves. Especially when you consider his contract is for $2.5 million. Although he sucks at catching footballs, at least Williams did the right thing in dropping his lawsuit against ex-girlfriend and Miss Texas 2009 Brooke Daniels.

The suit was over the missing $77,000 engagement ring Williams sent to Daniels.



A report from Christian Post on Wednesday notes that Daniels was living with Williams for over a year. She received the engagement ring from the NFL wide receiver through the mail. Also included with the ring were a baseball, $5,000 to help Daniels pay for “school and dental bills,” and a marriage proposal via pre-recorded video. That’s one hefty proposal, not to mention she’d be marrying a millionaire from the National Football League. However, it apparently was not enough for Brooke, who said “No” to the deal.


Daniels did not give any explicit reason for declining the marriage proposal, but I’m guessing that the poorly planned, and overall unusual proposal might have had something to do with it. Or maybe it’s the fact that Williams really sucks at his job?

Daniels initially held on to the ring, which Williams sued to re-obtain possession of. However, Brooke claimed to have lost the engagement ring, just six weeks after she became aware of the lawsuit. Her father, Michael Daniels, turned up with the ring. He said they kept the ring because Williams told Brooke “he was confident that she would change her mind.”

Once the Daniels family returned the ring, the lawsuit was dropped by Williams. Michael Daniels is widely quoted as saying “I’ll take care of my daughter. I don’t need him,” after the ugly situation resolved itself. I guess you could say Williams “liked it” because he poured a lot of money into trying to “put a ring on it.” Uh-uh-oh!

Brooke Daniels has moved on to a new man anyway- a backup infielder at the University of Houston (pictured above).

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  • Sounds like the usual case for Judge Milan of The People's Court, except worth more that the small claims court limit.

    Now, Williams will have to find a "cash for gold" place to buy it back from him. From the way he played last season, he may need the money.

    Of course, how is she going to cash in on a college infielder? Is he the next Gordon Beckham?

  • not exactly, he hit .241 in 29 at bats last year. But he is also a leukemia survivor, so 1. you have to give him that and 2. fighting/recovering from that disease affected his season

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