Owner of Illini Message Board Lashes Out at Illinois Nation on Twitter

Owner of Illini Message Board Lashes Out at Illinois Nation on Twitter

Currently, the Illinois Fighting Illini football team is ranked #15 in the country. Yes, the 6-0 Illini are the 15th best team in college football according to the coaches’ poll. Still, they’re not selling out Memorial Stadium. Most Saturdays, they fall very short of packing the place.


This atmosphere inspired Dan O’Brien, owner/proprietor of Illinois Loyalty.com, a message board for all things orange and blue to colorfully express himself on Twitter (@illinoisloyalty). You know what happens when a radio/television personality loses it on the air- this is the social media version.

Illini cheerleaders

What I still can’t get over is why O’Brien hasn’t deleted any of these tweets. I also can’t for the life of me understand the logic of his photos given the tweets they appear in. All of his yfrog photo links are random pictures of downtown Champaign streets, Champaign bars, bar interiors…..yet these are all tweets about the Illini football program.


Basically this rant is about the Illini fanbase not caring enough about football, and that all of these non-fans who follow him on Twitter are “losers.” O’Brien also has an “interesting” idea about changing the ticket selling policy. I don’t think UI is going to try it. And it wouldn’t exactly help either, even if they did.


I Wish Illinois Had A Dagum Bar Code System In Place So I Could Introduce False Tickets Into The Market And Screw The False Fairweather Fans

We’ll Just Build An East Side Renovation That Will Remove More Seats So You Don’t Have To Worry. Just Go Away With Your Excuses

Go Become Fans Of Another Team. We Don’t Want You Because You Are Toxic To Illinois Football. ——BE GONE——

If You Are Able To Attend BUT Do Not Have Tickets To The Remaining Game(s), Then You Are THE PROBLEM AND SHOULD GO AWAY

Who Cares If There’s Empty Seats If Ticket Sales Are Cut Off. The Important Thing Is That That The Real Fans (No Quotes) Are There

Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin. —-> Those Are Home Games Most Teams Can Only Dream Of Having In One Season.

Keep Complaining About Prices, Planning, Blah Blah Blah. The Truth Is: You Don’t Deserve This Team.

My Idea Of Jacking Up The Football Ticket Prices To $250 And/Or Cancelling Ticket Sales All Together This Season Is Brilliant. Because…

Because All Of Ya’ll’s Who Don’t Have No Illinois Football Tickets At This Moment Are Worthy Of This Team.

And When You Go Unto The Memorial Stadium: Clap Your Hand When Illinois Is On Defense, And STFU When Illinois Is Applying Offense

Stop Arguing With Me On Twitter, Drink Some STFU, And Purchase Some $65 Tickets.

You May Wonder: What Is 6-0 Illinois’ Weakness? Well The Answer Is Our Fanbase.

Finally Finally — Everyone Lecturing Me On Twitter Now Then Unfollowing Me Holy Hellfire Don’t You Understand You Are The Problem

illini cheerleaders

O’Brien also invited strangers (his Twitter followers) to come get drunk with him. None showed up, and he complains about it. He also attempts to use the word “loser” in a manner rivaling Charlie Sheen’s usage of the word “winning.”

Finally, Was Not Joking About The Rail I Will Be There At 11:45pm Hunched Over At The Bar Should Be Fun, No Worries I’m In Walking Distance

Sometimes You Have To Call It Like It Is. Sometimes = Now Times.

Fair Notice: I Don’t Care About My Follower Count. I Don’t Care About My Reputation.

I Think The “Losers” Have The Wrong Impression Of Me. I Cannot Tolerate Fake Loser Fans On My Web Site Nor My Twitter Feed.

By “Losers” Of Course I Am Referring To Non-Ticket-Buyers-Who-Dare-To-Call-Themselves-Fans. “Losers”

None Of You “Losers” Met Met Up At The Brass Rail. Notice I Put Losers In Quotes. Because Your Give Losers A Bad Name

Or: Just Keep On Bein’ A Complainin’ Loser. Your choice! yfrog.com/h7rw1epj

Here’s An Idea: Go To The Football Games & Don’t Be A Loser: B A Winner yfrog.com/h0veqvxjj

Do You Ever Wonder What Would Happen If This Fanbase Stopped Making Excuses? yfrog.com/h0iorrhj

Do You Ever Wonder What If Chris White’s FG in ’85 vs Michigan Went Thru? yfrog.com/h3bf9khqj

If Only Illinois Had A Respectable College Football Fanbase. yfrog.com/me6tvuj

Finally, O’Brien summed up his argument in 6 points (you can go here to look at it) and gave us this apology:

Good morning. I would like to apologize for my excessive use of capitalization last night. Now, let us move forward. Beat Ohio State


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  • Yikes. The guy needs to settle down. It's Illini football, for crying out loud LOL! It's not like it's a championship program that is not drawing fans.

  • some people get too caught up in their "one thing." and forget to have a life outside of it

  • Dan O'Brien does not represent Illini nation. He has an inflated sense of his status and worth. I would be best to ignore Dan O'Brien and his ignorant Illinois Loyalty tweets as they do not represent loyal fan thinking at all.

  • agreed. one raving loon, one irrelevant voice out in the wilderness does not speak on behalf of an entire fan base, especially the one with the largest alumni club in the nation.

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