Cutler Directs F-Bomb at Martz?, Putting Win Over Vikings in Perspective

Cutler Directs F-Bomb at Martz?, Putting Win Over Vikings in Perspective

Although Jay Cutler never has said it publicly, we know he must HATE his offensive coordinator Mike Martz; due to his schemes that consistently leave the quarterback a sitting duck with little pass protection. Martz offenses have commonly led the NFL in sacks allowed, and this Chicago Bears team is no different.

The have an OL that screams “run max protect formations” and “please try more running plays.” However, Martz is stubborn, and does whatever he wants, without regard to personnel. This will get Cutler KILLED.

And in this video Jay seems to be expressing that frustration.

I’m not sure how to read lips effectively, but thousands of people seem to think he’s saying “F#%k him” in reference to Mike Martz. Works for me.

I’d also like to add in a “F%&k them” directed to the Chicago Bears Media Relations Department.


The Chicago Bears have solidified their stranglehold on third place in the NFC North division. They won a big, Sunday night prime time game versus their division rival Minnesota Vikings, in a very dominating fashion.

That’s the good news.

The bad news- it came at the expense of the Vikings, a front-runner in the “Suck for Luck” derby. (Even though they just drafted a QB last April, maybe “Suck for Matt Kalil?”)


The Vikings are a complete mess on all fronts, and a total shell of the team they used to be in 2009; when they were just a couple plays away from the Super Bowl. Beating them down really says nothing. Tonight’s win was the NFL equivalent of a ranked FBS college football team thrashing a FCS team.

I know most Bears fans are already aware that this season is looking like 6-10, 7-9, 8-8 at best. But it’s time like these that I need to stress that even more. Don’t be a meathead Bears fan, be an educated Bears fan on this one.

Devin Hester was co-MVP with a 48-yard touchdown catch through a very crappy Vikings secondary. He also added to his own NFL record for kick return touchdowns tonight. But this one was a career-best 98-yard kickoff return. Exciting to say the least, but too bad he left the game with a chest injury.

Again Bears fans, don’t get ahead of yourselves, don’t think this season has totally turned around.

Jay Cutler, was the game’s other co-MVP, throwing for 267 yards on 21-31 passing, two touchdowns without an interception. Julius Peppers had two sacks (one where he didn’t have to touch McNabb at all, barely shoved him, was HILARIOUS), also the Bears held Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson to 39 yards rushing.

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