Fearless 2011 NFL Season Picks: Bears take NFC Wild Card?

Fearless 2011 NFL Season Picks: Bears take NFC Wild Card?

It all starts tonight with the traditional Super Bowl Champ getting the first home game on Thursday night (Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints). This time the previous, previous SB winner is the opponent. And there’s always the national block party that comes with it as America’s favorite day in sports comes  always complete with a concert..

Well, time is a wasting so let’s jump right to the predictions, including the Super Bowl predictions.

NFC North

Champ- Green Bay Packers

I’ve seen way too many power rankings that don’t have the defending titlists in their top 5. Huh? Are you aware of how many injuries they overcame to go all the way last season? And that their nucleus is entering its prime, not past it? Sleep on the Pack at your own peril.

Wild Card- Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler is going to have the best season of his career this fall/winter. Cutler is now in the best shape of his life and with another year in Martz’s system, he’ll post his best numbers ever. I knew Jay and I had a lot in common; besides just the obvious: a ton of people thinking we’re douchebags.


Champ- Atlanta Falcons

I said before last season they’d make the Super Bowl in 2011. They seemed to be a year ahead of schedule: a #1 seed, and a record nine Pro Bowlers in 2010. Add Ray Edwards, Julio Jones and Kelvin Hayden to that team and the NFC is their’s for the taking.

NFC West

Champ- San Francisco 49ers

Weak lot, but I’m going to go ahead and believe in Jim Harbaugh, and the magic he brings to the table. Or maybe I’m sold because they have former Wisconsin Badgers master of efficiency Scott Tolzien as their 3rd string quarterback.

NFC East

Champ- Philadelphia Eagles

Chalky, uninspiring pick, yes I know that.

Wild Card- Dallas Cowboys

You can almost flip a coin here with the New York Giants. This division is football’s answer to the AL East in MLB.


Champ- Indianapolis Colts

Like the Pack, endured a ton of injuries to make it to the postseason last year. Which means the injury task force within the karma police will grant them a reprieve this year. At least you’d think that. We’ll see if Peyton Manning is back for week two. Plus they play less than an hour from the Purdue Boilermakers, the most snake-bitten injury prone athletic program in the country. By osmosis alone, someone on the Colts will tear an ACL this season.

New Division champ in spite of Peyton’s injury (more on that here)

texans cheerleader

Champ-Houston Texans

That’s right, this franchise is due. I think the offense will click on all cylinders and the underrated defense will make this franchise the surprise team. “The stars at night, are big and bright…

AFC North

Champ- Pittsburgh Steelers

Again, boring favorite pick. Maybe aspiring structural engineer Rashard Mendenhall will take issue with the believability of their losses this year. That is, if his mastery of math is as poor as his knowledge of physical science.

Wild Card- Baltimore Ravens

This city may have severe impoverishment and lots of violent crime. And then there’s the baseball team. But they do have a football team, and they did produce HBO’s “The Wire.”

AFC West- Oakland Raiders

Ballsy pick? Maybe just a crappy division. Any time a team led by Norv Turner is a contender for the division crown…it’s ughhhhhh.

AFC East- New York Jets

Sanchez still sucks, but he just has way too much talent around him for me not to pick the Foot Clan

Wild Card- New England Patriots

Brandon Meriweather’s free-lancing on the field also helped to make him persona non grata and it was time to ship him out of Boston. (whoah-oh-oh) What’s surprising, is how they couldn’t get a third round pick from anyone in the NFL for a 27 year old 2-time Pro Bowler? I guess word is out about Meriweather and he must have some serious off-the-field issues we don’t know about yet? BB is known to make “examples” of players from time to time, showing that no one’s job is safe, and if you act up, you will get smacked up.

patriots logo

NFC Title: Atlanta over G.B.

rematch of second round game last season, outcome reversed.

AFC Title: Patriots over Steelers

Why am I doing this again? You can call the New England secondary the kiddie pool, because there is absolutely zero depth at the safety position.

Super Bowl: PATRIOTS over Falcons.

I may have officially jumped the shark now with this pick. Then again, that’s how the NFL is these days. Impossible to handicap. Good luck making better picks!

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