Patriots' Decision to Bench Wes Welker: DUMB!


If you’re even a casual fan of the NFL,
you’re probably sick of hearing about the week’s worth of trash talk
leading up to the New York Jets victory over the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional round.

But one more story popped up; right at kickoff. Pats Head Coach Bill Belichick decided to bench Wes Welker perhaps the greatest slot receiver in NFL history, despite his flair for comedy and exceptional poker face in executing it.

Before we criticize this DUMB DECISION, let’s recall Welker’s
extremely subtle, irreverent, double entendre humor at it’s finest.

You know doubt heard about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, and that he possibly allegedly likes to watch other men penetrate his wife on occasion, in various orifices. (Or at least that’s what an internet personal ad which is thought to be Ryan implies).

Yes, you don’t have to make any of this stuff up. The truth is sensationalized plenty already.

Thursday, Welker made 11 foot references during his nine minute media conference. You can see the clip of all 11 references here, or watch the whole thing by going here.

Now I’m all about The Patriot Way; an idea best exemplified by Welker
himself; because you can’t spell awesome without w-e-s. And I’m a big
fan of discipline; but not here, not now. The Jets covered the Pats
receivers like no one else has all year. “Revis Island” spread into an
archipelago amongst NYJ DBs.

Brady was sacked five times, but he did
have plenty of time on plenty of other dropbacks. And no one was open.

Granted Welker was benched for only the first series, and he still
led the team in receptions with seven on the day. But he dropped a sure
TD pass in garbage time, and overall his yards per catch was way below his

Basically, Welker wasn’t himself. Meaning….the Jets got in his head- because Belichick let them.

The whole point of their smack talk was to gain a psychological edge,
and Belichick’s bone-headed decision to NOT have all hands on deck the
entire game (which is what you MUST do in all postseason games. period)
backfired badly.

Thinking you can win without playing Welker makes you look extremely arrogant. Or rather “Jet like.”

So congratulations, you let the Jets beat you by letting their mind games control your decision-making.

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