Get to Know Very Fake Bleacher Report on Twitter

If you haven’t experienced the complete new media joy that is Very Fake Bleacher Report on Twitter, you don’t know what you’re missing. Follow @VeryFakeBR as soon as you can. And we have the man behind the machine right here for an exclusive.

Thanks to VeryFakeBR for taking the time to do this!….Let’s dive right in with some questions.

1st off, what can you tell us about yourself, and your media background…without giving way the store of course…

Fake BR: Without revealing too much about who I am, my
background goes sort of like this: big sports fan who in high school
realized he had a knack for writing. Anyone with a brain can pick up
that I am from the Philadelphia area, but that’s one of the few personal
clues I’ll give away. I’ve written for a few sites, both big and
small, and I like most organized sports. I despise MMA.

I currently write for one of the largest sports blog networks on the web.

Another guy helps me out here and there. He runs an
excellent site that more people should read. I wish I could mention it
here, as he really does an awesome job.

How/when did you first discover all the wonder that is Bleacher Report?

Fake BR: I don’t remember exactly when – mostly because I
want to block it out of my brain – but before I knew of the mass hate
towards the site, I’d come across their articles and cringe. The ideas
were half-baked, the grammar was terrible, and the stories were rife
with misspellings. If BR needs anything, it’s an editor or 5000.

Wasn’t that Sir Laurence Olivier letter, and the BRShakespeare hash tag that followed just too unintentionally funny for words? How awesome was that?bleacher_report

Fake BR: To be totally totally honest – and this isn’t a
punchline or anything – I thought it was an Onion article at first. It
blew my mind when I found out that it was actually serious.

How do you stay in character so well with all your mispellings, (typo
intentional) and bad grammar? it can be difficult with some painfully
easy to spell names at times I would guess (i.e. I once saw you spelled
Cliff Lee as Cliff Leigh)

Fake BR: Ironically, it’s easy to stay in character because
I’m a decent writer. And I figure if I ever made a mistake, it would
fit into the whole fabric of the “joke” anyway.

Where do you see their place in the new media landscape? blogs, web journalism etc.

Fake BR: The owners of BR are smart – they know SEO and they
know how to make partnerships. I respect that. I think the site has
the potential to be very powerful as they have the reach, but until the
quality is there, no one is going to take them seriously. The internet
is full of good writers that could make BR very powerful, but instead
we’re left to read horseshit about WAGs, athlete/rapper beefs, or
stories which are based on woefully underdeveloped ideas.

Most importantly, they need to cut way back on the
slideshows. This is not journalism – it’s caption writing. And excuse
the language, but it’s fucking stupid.

Even the best writers out there need editors to correct
simple mistakes, to suggest angles, and to get the most out of a story.
Bleacher Report has none and it’s incredibly frustrating to see. There
are countless writers and bloggers I deal with on a daily basis that
are 100% insulted by it. Recently, several prominent writers and TV
personalities have followed the Twitter account which says to me that
those complaining about the site aren’t just a bunch of nerdy
miscreants, but much more than that.

What should we expect from VeryFakeBR in the near future?

Fake BR: I have no idea, really. As long as BR keeps
churning out stupid articles and as long as athletes keep doing stupid
things, we’ll have material. I do want to start a website soon – the
Tumblr we have right now doesn’t get much love – because it fits in with
the evolution of Fake BR.

And keep in mind that BR is not the only site (or sight, lol)
that has bad writing. Ultimately, I’d like our goal to be calling out
bad writing – that’s more than enough to keep us busy.

Can you give us some of your greatest tweets?

Fake BR: It’s tough to go back through these, but I did pick out a few from the past month that I like.

SLIDSHOW: 59000 high charecter guys according to John Groden

SLIDSHOW: good ideas from teh Tee Party (0 frames) #sotu

Oliver twist #BRShakespeare

Plz welcome the los angeles angels front office to are staff

Jeff fishes fired as oilers head coach. Warren moon makes sad face

SOURCES SAYS: Michele tal baxhman’s favoret book is uncle toms cabin

BREAAKING: J. Cuntler took the staire’s Sunday nite! (pullitzer prize reporting from @chicagotribune)

SLIDSHOW: things ben rothlisburger has alledgly done
Are writers will no longer b called columists – plz reefer to them as Slidshow Artists now
I just ousted Carl T. as the mayor of DeVry Blogging 101 on @foursquare!

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