Bears vs. Patriots Game Observations and Chicago-New England Photo Gallery

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let’s talk NFL

It’s this week’s “game of the year,” Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots, will be much much better.

If you’re watching the game at home, join the discussion here in the comment threads.

3:17 Obviously the story here is the weather, as it’s “white out conditions” with snow and 40 mph wind gusts. 26 degrees, 9 degree wind chill. sounds like fun.

so glad I’m not there! Bears force 3 and out on first drive.

3:21 This is a fun game to watch on television, it’s like the old John Madden Sega Genesis video game with the snow field.

Link time: You just how Pats punter Zoltan Mesko. Here’s an in-depth description of why he’s “the most interesting punter in the world”

Here’s my prediction of the score today, and my brutally honest game preview 

Everyone talks about the Pats passing game, but here’s more on Woodhead and Law Firm the Pats tailbacks move on to the running game; which everyone overlooks.

You’ve seen how Wes Welker has three catches already. You can’t spell awesome without w-e-s. Here’s an essay on how the Pats have adjusted to the loss of Randy Moss,

And for those of you who find Jay Cutler’s public persona aloof and arrogant, I just want to let you know right now that I’m actually a huge fan of that.

3:31 sorry for the infrequent updates. it’s not out of laziness I assure you, the server must be overloaded right now. why it’s slow!

Rob Gronkowski the rookie out of Arizona opens the scoring, with a TD strike from Brady. Just the play before Bears safety Chris Harris almost drops a pick.

And I TOLD YOU that you can pass in the snow and wind. The Patriots marched right down the field, 84 yards on 6 passes! 7-0 Pats, early 1st qtr


3:43 I’m so glad I did not outside to freeze my balls off at this game. I know people think they’re “tough,” “cool” and  “bad ass” for enduring weather like this. But really, it only makes you “frost-bitten” “hypo-thermic” and “sent to intensive care”

NICE PBU by Devin McCourty. pbu=pass break-up. What a great draft pick out of Rutgers. The Pats secondary is awful, but he’s the best of the bunch. He’s also the next Darrelle Revis. and already tied the Patriots rookie record for interceptions.

1st quarter over Patriots 7, Bears 0


A lot has happened since I added the photo gallery and waited for them to upload.

We saw the Patriots go right down the field again. This time all on the ground. They ran it right down their throats.

And now a fumble recovery for a TD. 20-0 with 9:56 left in the 1st half. but we’ll wait to see if the call holds after Lovie’s challenge. I’m guessing it will.

Julian Edelman is very underrated! FANTASTIC return there, just made one bad cut otherwsie he would have been gone. Could have had another TD and Patriots REALLY would have been pouring it on!

This is starting to look like last Monday night and the Dolphins route on Monday night.

Wow the Patriots are starting to look EXACTLY like the ’07 version who just rolled everybody week to week. Through the first 8 games of that season their offensive line was about as dominant as any OL unit in the history of football.

Then in the second half of the season they were rather mediocre to slightly above average. And in the Super Bowl, they just failed to show up and let the New York Giants front seven do whatever they want. INEXPLICABLE.

This Pats team will shoot up to #1 in all NFL power rankings, if they aren’t there already.

WHAOHA That play was awesome, no matter what side you’re on, you have to appreciate that. Everyone thought they weren’t going to do anything at all before the half and then boom- right down field! The Patriots are know to go for the jugular, to always step on your throat, and what were the Bears thinking??

If this game wasn’t already decided before (it was) the outcome is officially certain now. Pats lead Bears 34-0 at halftime.

And I think this live blog will end prematurely, as this game is a joke and like Ringo Starr, I’m warning you with peace and love that I have TOO MUCH TO DO!

Bears finally score, but it’s time to start writing my postgame story, with 8:43 left in the 3rd quarter.

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