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tom brady-stetson

Wow Tom Brady sure is dreamy, isn’t he? Especially with that Pee Wee Herman tattoo photo-shopped onto his tricep.

But enough jokes, let’s talk NFL
football. Monday night’s showdown-throwdown between the New England
Patriots and the New York Jets ended in a hilarious 45-3 laugher. Which
reminds shout out those douchebag Jets fans who criticized me and called me nasty names back in September!

How’s your team looking these days?

Maybe this week’s “game of the year,” Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots, will be much much better.

After the jump, I’ll show you where you can join the discussion


That would be right here. At Chicago Sports Guru!

Chicago Now’s kick-ass sports blog.

I’m going to be snarky, funny, irreverent and brutally honest! I’ll
hope you’ll be the same. Please feel free to light up the comment
threads! I plan on responding to any and all. And I’ll take the best
ones and integrate them into the post itself.

See you Sunday 3:15 CT! And tune in here Friday morning for the Pats-Bears Brutally Honest Game Preview.

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