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Want to hear a scary story?

When I was 19, I babysat for my boss while she and her husband went out for the night. She lived in Berwyn in an very, very old house. She had told me about some strange things that happened in the house, how weird things had happened to them but I wasn’t totally fazed. The night... Read more »

The Crippling Cost of Education

I’m not a big fan of political memes. I find that most often they are catchy without being factual or accurate. However, this one really got me:   According to Mitt Romeny, my parents should be paying for my schooling and if they can’t: them’s the breaks little lady. Well, they can’t and they won’t.... Read more »

Monday Night in the Clownhouse

Monday Night in the Clownhouse
It’s nine o’clock on a Sunday… I’m singing this to myself a la Billy Joel’s Pianoman, but instead of being in a bar, I’m on my couch drinking a glass of red wine. About an hour ago, I was sitting on my sister’s bed playing video games. We were enjoying our last Sunday night before our... Read more »