Wheelchair rugby, will make your head spin!

Image from usawr.org

Image from usawr.org

The best sport on two wheels isn’t cycling, it’s wheelchair rugby. Also known as Murder Ball the sport is making its 6th appearance in the Para Games, is not only exciting it is also a coed sport.  Since the Atlanta games in 1996, where they games was a demo sport, the sport has grown, has an awesome documentary movie about it (Murderball) and using special wheelchairs, where the players play a full-contact game of rugby, with the rules slightly changed to accommodate their limitations.

The Olympics are an amazing time to see the world’s best athletes, but the Paralympics are a chance to see athletes, who literally let nothing stop them. Rugby Sevens which was in the Olympics is tiring, especially when playing multiple games in a day. Rugby 15s, is exhausting, when you play for 80 minutes straight. WHEELCHAIR RUGBY, I cannot even image how strenuous that game is, and have nothing but respect and admiration for the men and women who play, being slammed into, wheeling, dribbling, passing and catching. I mean, I can move fairly fast in a wheelchair if I play in one in a waiting room, however for over an hour to move all over a court, not so much. If you like Roller Derby and Rugby, combine it, and then some.

Now as a fully developed sport,  with 28 countries having competed in international competitions and listed on the world ranking list, while more than 10 others are developing national programs according to Paralympic.org. If you have never watched the Paralympic games, I suggest checking it out. Also worth noting, the U.S. has won a medal at each of the for games it as been played at for medals with the U.S. having two gold and two bronze medals.

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