Rugby Hangover

Did you get enough rugby in your life this weekend? There was so much going on the past 5 days, that it has really been an amazing week and weekend. From the youth clinic Friday morning, an Old Boys game and a few league matches Friday night straight through Saturday brunches, tailgating, the game, the after party, Sunday events and now to relax on a day off.


Over 23,000 people came out to see the Wallabies v the Eagles as a final test match before heading into the World Cup. The crowd was about half of last years game, but just as loud and energetic. The Dragons, Lions, North Shore, SIU-C, U of I, Blaze, Fox Valley all had the South lot and Waldron deck rocking and getting people pumped up in the heat. There was a group from Arizona, Smith & Forge had a great tailgate, there was music, sun, and meeting people who loved the sport from all over.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis weekend’s game, for the USA Eagles, was a great test match to prepare for what to expect in Rugby World Cup. The team came out and had a lot of energy, they got to really see what their roster for RWC can do and where it needs improvement. The team, again is really young, but they do have a lot of skill on the team. Over all, the team looked good. They are stronger and more cohesive than last year. The crowd was cheering the entire time, and it was the perfect evening for a Rugby match.

After the game, there were plenty of after events to go to. Mahoney’s had a large rugby crowds, Moe’s Cantina, Reviere, and Broken Shaker all had great events. The night went late and aside from team brunches the next day there was also the chance to see game review and chat with USA Coaches to learn from the game as well as Q and A about how to improve coaching and strategy for your own team. If you didn’t get enough rugby this weekend, there are plenty of Club games coming up as well as just 11 days until rugby world cup. I will be posting press coverage video soon as well as photos from this week!

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