Father's Day is a Rugby Weekend

With last weekend’s Jailbreak 7s kicking off the summer of rugby games, more of the fun and games continue.

Tonight through Sunday morning, the Rockford Ravens are hosting their annual “Luck of the Draw” tournament, a.k.a. whore fest at Vasa Park. The tourney is always a good time, with camping, rugby songs, co-ed games, and an awesome after party/social. Pack in and pack it out, make sure to bring a tent, cooler, and anything else you may need as driving in and out all weekend is not a good plan. It’s will make your father proud you spent this weekend doing the things, he probably did back when he was your age!


you_cant_scare_me_my_dad_plays_rugby_zazzlebabybib-rcbd4cec1f17943a7a6fd10fbfc07783c_zfe0o_324If you cannot make it all the way to Rockford, you and Dad can check out the Chicago Scots Highland Games in Itasca, Il. The CHICAGO SCOTS hosts the Midwest’s Largest Scottish Event, this year’s 29th Annual Festival & Highland Games runs today and tomorrow. You can check out Rugby Sevens on Saturday first games start around 9:30 and usually last until 2 or 3 pm. Aside from rugby you can also watch a ton of other authentic Scottish sports,  activities & attractions from the Caber Toss to the Highland Dance to the Dogs of Scotland, the 22-pound Hammer Throw, the Sheaf Toss (where athletes launch a bale of hay over a high bar) and the Clachnert (flinging a 16-pound river stone) and this year, Matt Vincent current World Champion. There will also be Mid-West Pipe Band Championship competition. There is also a whiskey tasting, and if your dad doesn’t enjoy that, well, I am not sure what to say.


If you are like me and still haven’t gotten a gift, you can get plenty of rugby gear at Rockford’s festival, try to come up with a clever t-shirt with One-Hour Tees, or get him a nice lawn chair so he can come out and watch you games, maybe a koozie too?

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