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Free Art! Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Free Contemporary Art! Well, at least a free visit to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art! Every Tuesday they offer free admission to Illinois residents. Located in downtown Chicago, the MCA is one of this nation’s largest museums dedicated to the art of our time. Big City Bride also loves it as one of our... Read more »

Mary Kate & Ryan in the Knot!

We’re so ecstatic for more great news from the Knot! Their Chicago issue always feature a fabulous variety of weddings throughout the city. With styles and ideas for every bride it’s a wonderful reference for brides to be. Big City Bride is honored to have our wonderful brides featured as inspiration for everyone just starting... Read more »

Focus on the GIVING in Thanksgiving

A donation to ASPCA for every guest.
The “Thanks” of Thanksgiving is rarely forgotten, but today I think we’ll focus on the “giving.” A world of giving makes everyone more thankful. As we get wrapped up in our busy lives and jobs and wedding planning it’s so easy to put off giving back but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of... Read more »

Include Your Pet In Your Wedding day!

Many of us love our pets dearly; we take them outside for a daily walk, feed them, pet the Many of us love our pets dearly; we take them outside for a daily walk, feed them, pet them and bathe them! They are a huge part of our lives, and when you are ready to... Read more »

Let The Chicago Park District Host Your Next Special Event!

    More and more people are choosing Chicago Park District to host their special event, check out these great locations! With fabulous gardens and halls that hold many people for an affordable price! They offer: ·       Outdoor space ·       Serene Gardens ·       Lakefront views ·       Grand... Read more »

Adding Color to your Wedding

Adding Color to your Wedding
You’ve been to fun weddings. You’ve been to beautifully decorated weddings. But have you been to weddings that have been both fun and beautifully decorated? It’s often hard to picture what your wedding will look like until the day it comes. Sure, you can pick out the floral arrangements, the color scheme, and you will... Read more »

Flower Girl Hairpieces

From barrettes to flowers to headbands, there are many different options when finding the perfect hairpiece for your flower girl. However, it’s also extremely important not only to think of the different options, but more importantly what options will work best with the age of your flower girl. We won’t help you calm temper tantrums,... Read more »

Bouquet Toss Everyone Will Want to be a Part of!

The bouquet toss is a longstanding tradition in the history of weddings.  Brides choose beautiful flowers for a bouquet to match their theme colors or to just to look beautiful for the big day.  However, a current creative trend in bouquet arrangements is looking toward something other than flowers to toss at the ceremony.  Brides... Read more »

How to Sell Back Your Veil!

The veil is a longstanding tradition in the history of weddings.  Brides would wear a veil in front of their face to create mystery for the groom and the guests of the wedding.  Veils today are not inexpensive.  Brides shell out a pretty penny to have a veil with their wedding dress, but what happens... Read more »

Fun Signature Drinks

Whether you are worried about staying within budget and want to cut back on the open bar or just want to add a fun addition to your open bar, a signature drink is a great item at your wedding.  You can add your own personal twist but here are some of our favorites. Blushing Bride... Read more »