Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be really hard but finding the perfect dress for all of your completely different bridesmaids…near impossible! It is so hard to find something that looks good on every body type, fits properly, and fits YOUR vision. Your Chicago wedding planner has a solution for you: custom-made bridesmaid dresses. Big City Bride works with brides and grooms to create completely custom Chicago weddings from print materials to tablescapes and from ceremony to reception. Why not design the rest of your day completely custom as well.

Concetta Cipriano is the owner and designer for Cettina, a Chicago based women’s wear line. She creates made to measure cocktail dresses and bridesmaid dresses. If you want something unique for your wedding, this is your chance! Make your Chicago wedding party happy with amazing custom bridesmaid dresses! Concetta starts off this process by meeting with you, the bride, to determine the style you are looking for and your vision for the day. She will then provide you with sketches of ideas she has of your perfect bridesmaid dresses! Concetta has many swatches of fabric of different kinds and different colors for you to look through so that you are 100% a part of the designing process. She will have you book 2-4 fittings to make sure your dresses are the perfect fit!


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