Who is the Chicago Quirk?

Do you ever get tired of hearing about the same restaurant openings/boutiques/concerts? I started Chicago Quirk to highlight both new and old activities, events and venues around our fair city.

Who am I?

I'm a stand-up comedian who performs at any dive bar that will have me.

I love food, but since I'll eat just about anything I have awarded myself the title of food-all instead of foodie.

I spent my high school years working as a wench at Medieval Times. I worked at Tommy Gun's Garage in college.

I'm a tap dancer. I've performed all around the city and New York, and I spent several years starring in the tap version of "The Nutcracker," called "The Nut Tapper."

I've never been the type to spend my weekends drinking overpriced cocktails in jam packed bars. I could do that in the suburbs. I live in Chicago for the entertainment and the constant stream of interesting people and events.

Want to talk to the Chicago Quirk? Well, my name's Andrea, and you can email me at Andrea@ChicagoQuirk.com, follow me on Twitter @AndreaCordts or follow me on Pinterest.

I'd love to hear from you!