Chicago's Most Over and Underrated Restaurants

Chicago's Most Over and Underrated Restaurants

I recently read an article by Chicago Foodies listing their most over and underrated restaurants in the city. The one thing we agree on is that RPM Italian is not all it’s cracked up to be. (Not everything the Melman’s touch is amazing.)


Glazed & Infused

I’m so glad doughnuts have replaced cupcakes as a new trend, but if you’re going to offer these gourmet goodies, don’t just dump 30 weird ingredients on a piece of cake worse than Dunkin Donuts. Master a proper Old Fashion first, and then go from there. If you’re looking for amazing doughnuts, check out Doughnut Vault. I have to admit that I bashed the tiny shop when they first opened. Now I can’t get enough. And I hate myself for it.


This does not look the least bit appetizing to me. Via


I constantly hear about how innovative and life changing the meals at Next are, but what’s the point in doing something incredible if you’re only sharing it with five people a few times a month? Even if you could get a hold of a ticket, it will cost you a minimum of $125. The current menu is 23 courses of vegan food; call me unsophisticated, but I’d need a cheeseburger after that.


This Bridgeport spot is on the brunch hot list, so I headed out there a few weekend ago and tried it out. Not impressed. Boring eggs, bland home fries. I thought the seasonal jam would be delicious, but also forgettable. I appreciate that the menu is local and organic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean delicious.




I know that fondue isn’t really “in style” right now, but everyone should try this restaurant at least once. It’s a bit pricey (about $50 per person), but you’ll leave absolutely stuffed and satisfied. Go for the whole meal – cheese, various meats and seafood and chocolate – or smaller courses. The space is very intimate and one of the most interesting I’ve seen in the city so far.


It might be a ’70s throwback, but it’s still delicious. via

The Peasantry

This restaurant opened about a year ago in a tiny spot at Clark and Diversey. There was a ton of hype around it, but for some reason that died out. This place is amazing! The menu changes regularly with a variety of “elevated street food.” I don’t know what that means, but I did eat a bone marrow burger. Soooo good. And even though this place is super foodie, it’s very affordable.

I had this amazing creation for brunch. It’s called the Chicago Brunch Dog, and it’s pork breakfast sausage, bacon, maple mayo, fried egg, lobster roll. Mmmmm heart attack goodness. 

Alliance Bakery

Alliance Bakery has gained some notoriety lately for being one of the first to sell cronuts, but their cronuts suck. There are so many other amazing reasons to go here. The macarons are absolutely epic, and I recommend pairing a few with a refreshing hibiscus lemonade.

White Castle

Don’t roll your eyes! White Castle is a gift from the gods!



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