Accomplish your News Year's resolutions the Chicago way

Accomplish your News Year's resolutions the Chicago way

You make your new years resolution. You want to keep at it, but things get in the way. Chicago Quirk to the rescue! Instead of giving you some boring work-out routine or vague guide to getting involved, here are a some exciting (and quirky) ways you can accomplish your goals.


Lose Weight

I know yoga is supposed to be good for your body and soul, blah blah blah. I just end up getting discouraged that my downward facing dog looks more like a busted coffee table. Lose weight and bring your sexy back with classes at Studio L’amour. I took beginning and basic burlesque, and I had so much fun. (It also helps that I have a huge girl crush on Michelle L’amour.) If you’re looking to get more of a workout, try the Tease & Tone class. Sessions start January 7.

Not a dancer? Try the intense Indo-Row class at the Pilates Center of Chicago. I’m too wussy to do this, but I have a few friends who love it. I like the center’s Xtend Barre class.

Learn Something New

Ever had dreams of being on Saturday Night Live? Take the first step with The Second City’s weekly drop-in class. You don’t need any experience, and it only costs $15!

For about five minutes I wanted to quit everything and become a pastry chef. I started taking classes Alekka Sweeney of Give Me Some Sugar, and I learned a ton. You’ll learn all the basics of cakes, cookies and cupcakes and what comes after. For a fun group activity, try out the Friday night Cupcakes and Cocktails class.


I have to admit, this is on my list too. I always say I’m going to do it, but other things get in the way. Well, this is the year. One of my favorite non-profits is Open Books. I’m a huge fan of the used bookstore, but I also love that they use that money to fund its literacy programs for students across Chicago. You can volunteer to work at the bookstore, the warehouse or even help with the various reading and writing programs.

I learned about the Cara Program at work, and I’m a big fan now. The organization aims to end homelessness and poverty by providing proper job training and coaching to help those in need help themselves. Candidates must be accepted into the program and are provided with the necessary skills to obtain and maintain a job. There are so many volunteer opportunities, but I really want to get involved in the mock interviews.


If you’re like me, you probably don’t have the money and/or vacation time to travel. But I guarantee there are tons of places in the city you haven’t seen yet. Have a staycation, and enjoy what the city has to offer.

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