Eleventh Hour: You can skip this haunted house

Eleventh Hour: You can skip this haunted house

It’s the second annual haunted house week at Chicago Quirk! I’ve visited five different haunted houses this season, and every post this week will be dedicated to reviewing a different 2012 Chicagoland haunt….the best and the worst.

Have you ever been bored walking through a haunted house? Well, I was when I went through Eleventh Hour. I figured that any place that boasted four haunted houses would be pretty decent. Not so. I’m not saying that there weren’t a few highlights; I just wish they had kept it simple and offered one good haunted houses rather than four crappy ones.

Getting There

We had no problem actually getting there, but we almost drove right by it. It’s not clearly marked from the street. Look out for a sign that says Berthold’s Garden Center, and you’ll see it.

The Sets

The four sets were Creatures of the Corn, Eleventh Hour, The Catacombs and Intensity.

Eleventh Hour and The Catacombs sets were pretty good. Eleventh Hour had some sort of southern/Appalachia hill people thing that I didn’t get, but it was still fun. The Catacombs was…well, catacombs. I really enjoyed the detail in both of these haunted houses, and my favorite part was the cemetery in the middle.

Creatures of the Corn was a ridiculously lame corn maze that took about 10 minutes to get through. Intensity was just a massive tunnel of plywood and tarp. You spent a large portion of the time feeling around in the dark trying not to grope the people in front of you.

Too bad there isn’t a pick-and-choose ticket option.

The Creatures

When we entered the haunted house, some strange teenager gave us a weird rambling speech that he messed up about three times. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the experience. There’s nothing wrong with having 14-year-olds working in a haunted house – heck, I did it! – but please give them better costumes and makeup so they don’t look like lost trick-or-treaters.

Best Feature

Eleventh Hour had a few really creative secret passages that the creatures had to direct you through. I haven’t seen that before, and I was very impressed. I also loved the “elevator ride” down to The Catacombs. (Too bad the door wouldn’t close all the way.)

Worst Feature

So many to choose from! My biggest problem was that so much of the haunted house was just walking down tunnels that had nothing really going on. Sometimes there were tarps, sometimes it was dark, but simply walking around got old very quickly.

Would I go back? 


Discounts and Coupons

If you’re going to all four haunted houses, make sure to buy your tickets online to save a few dollars. If you use the code ‘ACS’ when you order your tickets online, Eleventh Hour will give you $2 off and donate $2 to The Anti-Cruelty Society. You can also find coupons at participating McDonalds.


Eleventh Hour is open every night starting Wednesday until Halloween. Sunday through Thursday it’s open until 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday it’s open until 11 p.m. Admission to Creatures of the Corn and Eleventh Hour together is $18. Admission to all four is $23 at the box office and $19.95 online. The RIP pass is $36 at the box office and $27.50 online.

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