Have you visited the Cupcake ATM?

Have you visited the Cupcake ATM?

I thought I was over the whole cupcake craze. (Bring on the doughnuts!!!) That is, until I found out there was a Cupcake ATM out there. Naturally, I had to run over there and try it out.

The Cupcake ATM is attached to the very popular Sprinkles Cupcakes on Walton. You’ll know you’re there when you hear a Disney-like song playing and see the bright pink machine. You’ll also probably see people taking photos in front of it.

To start, just touch the screen and scroll through your cupcake options. The machine is stocked with fresh, new flavors every day from the Sprinkles menu. You can flip through the options on the computer screen and read the description of each. And don’t worry, the Cupcake ATM is refrigerated so there’s no fear of food poisoning.

Each cupcake is $4.00 and must be paid for with a credit card. (Hence, the ATM part, I’m assuming.) After you’ve paid, it’s time to get your cupcake. I was curious as to how the kept from getting smooshed or jostled on the way out of the machine, but apparently this is not something to worry about.

After you’ve paid for your cupcake, the screen switches over to show you a view from a camera inside the machine that’s hooked up to an electronic arm. You watch the arm grab your cupcake and place it on a rotating plate. All of a sudden a door starts to spin and the cupcake disappears. Until you look down and realize that it has spun around to give you your cupcake!

And what a delicious cupcake it is! I had the s’more cupcake, and it was glorious. I was going to nibble on it as I walked down the street but ended up scarfing half of it before I made it to Michigan Ave. Not cute, but very delicious.


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  • What a fun thing!

    Hopefully there will be more, fun ATMs coming around.

    I'm suggesting the Alderman ATM, to be placed at various locations throughout the wards.

    Proco Joe Alderman and his distinguished counterparts can press the button for a local business, and swipe their AlderCard and out will come an envelope with some $ in it.

    I'm suggesting that the ATM be pig-shaped and squeal when the bribe is dispensed.

    We need more creativity when dispensing things around Chicago.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Did you really just turn a pink cupcake ATM into a vehicle to complain about Chicago politics?

  • In reply to Chicago Quirk:

    I was just thinking of other "machines" and "dispensing". My mind happened to be on politics, yes, after scanning some other posts. When I think about it, it's not a bad idea, really.

    This is more to the subject: I would like to see a Chicago Hot Dog Dispenser ATM. On Michigan Ave and all tourist areas. That way, visitors could get the authentic thing. Ketchup would not be an option.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Now you're talking! hot dog dispenser would be incredibly dangerous for me.

  • To think I was just going to ask where this said ATM was till I read the above comment. Seriously, what does a cupcake dispenser have to do with politics? Me thinks he is in a warp zone and started commenting on the wrong blog!

    CQ: Where is this Cupcake ATM? I would like to let the girls in my office know if it is close to us where they can get a sugary delicious fix :-) Thanks!

    Hoping they have other delicious ATM's in the works with other places like one that dispenses a glass of wine and a mini tray of cheeses! *Wishful thinking*

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    Ooooh a wine and cheese ATM would be amazing! The Cupcake ATM is outside of Sprinkles on Walton just West of Michigan Avenue on the North side of the street. Have fun!

  • In reply to Brandi Wall:

    Free association. Artistic license.

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