Celebrate Chicago street food

Celebrate Chicago street food

This weekend should be celebrated in every corner of the city! The world, in fact! Why? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Chicago Quirk turns 28 on Sunday. But since giving thanks for my existence won’t take up your entire weekend, here are a few activities to check out in your free time.

Ribs = delicious. Ergo, you should go to the Windy City Rib Classic. This first ever contest allows teams from all over the Midwest to try their hand at making the best ribs ever – anyone from amateurs to restaurateurs. The catch is that the ribs have to be smoked without the aid of gas or electricity. The barbecue sauce has to be homemade too. This is not a vending competition, but the Fullerton Beach Grill will have you covered with barbecue and booze.

Take a stroll down to Little Italy for Taylor Street’s Festa Italiana to celebrate Chicago’s historic Italian neighborhood. It has all of the typical festival elements – food, handmade crafts, music – but in a much under appreciated neighborhood.

Since, as usual, I’m all about the food this weekend, here’s another one: Street Food Artistry. This festival combines the city’s street food and art scene to celebrate Chicago’s cultural diversity. Enjoy a food truck pavilion, photographer exhibit, traveling circus acts, street marketplace area, street music stage and kids pavilion. And since I have to give you a tap dance plug, don’t miss MADD Rhythms’ performance!

Once you’ve completely stuffed yourself, it’s time to satiate another appetite. Queens & Kings of Erotic Poetry will delight you with their provocative and sexy erotic poetry in an evening of general sexiness.

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