Celebrate the art of the striptease

Celebrate the art of the striptease

We have a good variety of activities happening around the city, and since we’re all used to 105 degree weather, 90 degrees won’t feel so bad. (I’m going to be honest, 80 degrees felt a little cool to me at first.) Here’s you’re very quirky events to consider penciling in to to your weekend schedule.

Don’t Miss

I realize there’s nothing quirky about this, but I just love French stuff: Bastille Day is this Saturday, and there a number of celebrations. Daley Plaza will host French music and foods, and the Chicago French Market has live music and French champagne.

Celebrate the glory that is the strip tease with the famous Windy City Burlesque Fest. Not only can you feast your eyes on Chicago’s best and acts from around the country, but you can also learn burlesque yourself. Here’s a list of fun classes you can take.

If you want to be green, head out to one of the greenest neighborhoods in the city. The Andersonville Green Week celebration culminates this weekend with homemade brews and breads, garden volunteer opportunities and green presentations at venues around the neighborhood.

There are two really good Movies in the Park not to miss this weekend: Ghostbusters at Rosedale Park tonight and E.T. in Emmerson Park on Saturday night.

Don’t forget about the new and possibly improved  Taste of Chicago.

Skip It

I really wanted to like the Windy City Ribfest – after all, I do love me some ribs. But this is a sad sad excuse for a summer festival. There’s not much atmosphere and the vendors are extremely unimpressive.

I feel that I should tell you that Survivor is holding auditions at Brookfield Zoo on Sunday. The reason it’s under ‘skip it’ is because I thought that show had gone off the air several years ago.


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  • Actually in Chicago it's called "the art of getting fleeced" but this sounds more fun. =)

  • I enjoyed your post. For my take on it, visit my blog, Quark in the Road.

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