Calling all geeks!! The Renaissance Faire starts Saturday!

Calling all geeks!! The Renaissance Faire starts Saturday!

Sure, there are tons of things you could do this weekend, but the real glory is that the Bristol Renaissance Faire opens Saturday!! I can’t tell you how many weekends I spent there in high school. Okay, every weekend. In my multiple Renaissance costumes. (Go figure, wasn’t the most popular Quirk in high school. Remember, I was also working at Medieval Times.)

Yes, it’s in Wisconsin, but you MUST visit! The scenery is gorgeous, featuring permanent structures that the shop owners actually live above all summer. The wares are truly unique, and there’s food and drink for all – including giant turkey legs. Be sure to check out the parade and take in a few of the shows. My favorite is Moonie the Magnificent.

Can’t Miss

West Fest is a classic Chicago street fair, but what I really like are the two fests within this fest. Bring your doggy friend along for the Pup Fest. For $5, your dog can take part in a variety of activities including an obstacle course, face and paw painting, paw cooling stations and even a mud pet. Kid Fest is great for small children and teenagers to listen to music, take art lessons and do all that other stuff that kids like.

Skip It

Rock Around the Block = boring. Boring food, boring music, boring. If you have nothing else to do, I guess it’s something to do.

Stay cool, Quirk fans!



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