The Marilyn Monroe statue is leaving....FINALLY!

The Marilyn Monroe statue is leaving....FINALLY!

It was just announced that the 25-foot-tall statue of Marilyn Monroe currently found along Michigan Avenue will be removed on Monday. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been a fan of many of the sculptures that have been placed in Pioneer Plaza, but I think this one was absolutely terrible.

“Forever Marilyn,” unveiled in July 2011, is based around Monroe’s iconic “Seven Year Itch” subway grate moment. However, during the famous scene she bashfully tries to hold down her dress, and “Forever Marilyn” was designed to give viewers the opportunities to look up her skirt and see a pair of white panties.

The artist, Seward Johnson, said he wanted to spark conversation. It really just seems like he designed it to give tourists a place to take crude photos between the screen icon’s legs.

And I’m not the only one who thinks the statue is bad. actually ranked it as the number one worst piece of public art in the world. Not only do they agree that the exposed panties are tacky, but the location is completely wrong – “Seven Year Itch” took place in New York City.

As an ultimate insult to Marilyn Monroe’s legend and proof of how gross this statue is, the statue was vandalized repeatedly. Once, someone splashed red paint on the legs.

Thankfully, “Forever Marilyn” will be removed on Monday and transported to non-profit agency The Sculpture Foundation. I hope the next piece of art has a bit more class.




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  • It could have been worse. A sculpture of Janet Leigh in the shower scene from Psycho?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    HAHA! But only if you can look up her towel.

  • FINALLY! It mostly annoys me because when I walk by I have to play "tourist maze"

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    I know! Everyone gathering around her legs to take gross photos.

  • This was just plain terrible...but I must say it did lend itself to some pretty hilarious conversations.

  • In reply to Shantell Jamison:

    Definitely a conversation piece.

  • I am so glad. When this debuted I thought it was tacky as hell. It looked like a bad carnival game price writ large.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Yeah, it looks like cheap plastic.

  • Sorry to see it go. What will replace it? For all those who took offence, I just it is a statue. Are there that many prudes in Chi town. If one dislikes it on artistic grounds that is another thing, but to complain because it shows her white panties is immature. Go east two blocks in the warmer weather and you can see live action.

  • In reply to dagumpster:

    I'm curious to see what else they'll put up. I love controversial art, but not fake art that is made just for shock value. I also don't like it because I love Marilyn, and I think it's a horrible likeness and completely misunderstands that scene from the movie.

  • I saw this for the first time on spring break with my kids.. 8 and 10.. we all loved it. I dont think its offensive at all... they liked her big feet! I think the H & M bilboard of the 4.97 bikini top and bottom is WAY more offensive.... have you seen that ugly tan???

  • fb_avatar

    AWWWW no more teenage girls getting upskirt photos with her. What a shame. (Whole lot of sarcasm there if you didn't catch it)

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