Yes, that's bacon you smell near Wrigley Field

Yes, that's bacon you smell near Wrigley Field

Okay, this might actually bring me out to Wrigleyville. The Kraft Foods “Big Noodle” statue just outside Wrigley Field has a new addition: bacon. Designed to look like it’s now topped with pieces of bacon, the noodle will release a bacon scent into the air every  10 to 15 minutes during game days. Bystanders within a 10- to 15-foot radius can get a whiff from now until October 31. Why the sudden pork interest? The addition is promoting the company’s new Homestyle Sharp Cheddar and Bacon macaroni and cheese.

I love weird stunts like this, and it got me thinking of the other random pop-ups we’ve seen around the city over the years. The topic of this week’s “Did You Know, Chicago?” is odd public art.

In 1999, fiberglass cow sculptures took over Chicago. We got the idea from a similar event that happened in Switzerland the year before, and after Chicago did it cities around the world had their own “Cows on Parade.” Basically, local artists, architects, etc. created designs and outfits for 300 life-sized bovines around the city. They were placed in many touristy areas and caused a lot of excitement.

Back in 2007, a very cool Cows on Parade-like exhibit designed to increase awareness about global warming debuted in Chicago. “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” featured 125 five-foot-diameter globes decorated with solutions to global warming. Each globe’s concept was designed by local and international artists and placed along the lakefront and/or Michigan Avenue.

I think we’ve all seen the horrid Marilyn Monroe statue in Pioneer Plaza. Not only does it look nothing like her, but I’m getting really tired of watching tourists pose between her legs. I have however enjoyed the other statues that have gone up in the plaza, and I didn’t realize they were designed by the same person. Seward Johnson created the American Gothic statue and, my favorite, King Lear statue that have appeared in the last few years. Like them or hate them, these pieces are very interesting.

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