Your post-Thanksgiving coma weekend guide

Your post-Thanksgiving coma weekend guide

Happy Black Friday! You might have noticed that this post went live much earlier than normal; that’s because I’m off to elbow my way through the crowds at Woodfield Mall for some much needed shopping. I may be a city girl, but I’m originally from Schaumburg; I freaking love malls.

ZooLights opens this weekend! It’s magical! I already love Lincoln Park Zoo, but you toss in pretty lights I turn into a 5-year-old.

Nothing beats a good sing-a-long, and since you’re already in the holiday spirit, the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long might be the perfect event for you. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the words. The screen will display subtitles to maximize audience participation. If you come in costume you can grace the state for the famous fancy-dress competition. (Psst…maybe leave the Nazi costume at home.)

Double Door turns into a giant craft fair this Saturday afternoon with the Urban Folk Circuit. Live music, local artists, cocktails. I’m going to be honest, it sounds like a hipster DIY fair. If that’s your cup of tea – or obnoxious crappy beer that nobody has heard of – then have at it.

A good excuse to bring the family to the Art Institute this weekend: the 20th anniversary of the wreathing of the Art Institute lions. Enjoy free Argo Tea and wreath making stations at the museum’s Ryan Education Center.

Check out the Christkindl Market or one of Chicago’s many ice skating rinks.

Now, I’m off to step over some old ladies….



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