The raciest craft fair you've ever been to...

The raciest craft fair you've ever been to...

It’s after Halloween which means retailers across the country have already dusted off the Christmas trees and stuck them right in the middle of every mall. Giuliana and Bill Rancic are even lighting the Marshall Field’s Macy’s on State Street Christmas Tree tomorrow. I’m taking a stand and will not be introducing holiday events until at least around Thanksgiving. Here are a few lovely events you can partake in this weekend that have nothing to do with holiday cheer.

I think we can safely say that outdoor festival season is over. Time to head indoors for the monthly Dose Market at the River East Arts Center. Each month features different fancy themes and fancy vendors giving you all sorts of really cool crap you don’t need but that you WANT. Think delicious cheeses, hand treatments by NoMi Spa, charcuterie and artistic wrapping paper. Sounds like heaven.

In what is probably the raciest craft fair you’ve ever seen, Vaudzilla presents the Kiss & Tell Craft Fair tomorrow afternoon. What can you get at this fair? Jewelry, accessories, lingerie, art and other items brought to you by a host of Chicago artists and vendors. Guests who register ahead of time will get a free glass of pink champagne and a VIP gift bag.

I was out the other night, and some Jersey Shore-looking douche started talking to my friends and me. It wasn’t until he whipped out a flyer for his show that we realized that was the greatest gorilla marketing ever! Yes, I’m talking about Jersey Shore: The Musical, now extended through December. I can’t say much about the show because I haven’t seen it, but it seems pretty funny.


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