Top 5 best topical Halloween costumes

Top 5 best topical Halloween costumes

You can only be a sexy (insert just about any profession or childhood character) for so many years. Let’s kick it up a notch and bring out the creativity in 2011. I’ve been looking in to this year’s top Halloween costume predictions, and here are my top picks:

Pregnant Beyonce
This is my favorite one for this year. Just put on an obnoxious turtle neck leotard and stick a weird bean bag under it as your baby bump. The more misshapen and shape-shifting the better! For added affect, walk around rubbing your stomach and telling everyone that “I want you to feel the love that is growing inside of me.”

Bonus Points: Get your guy friends to wear black leotards to imitate the “it’s never not funny” SNL sketch.

An Anonymous Hacker
I love this costume because it’s so simple, and it’s creepy in an “Internet Age” sort of way. Here’s where you can buy your mask. The only downside is that as clever as us nerds think it is, people might mistake you for V from “V for Vendetta.” But since that’s an awesome movie it’s okay.

Bonus Points: Have a whole group of people dress as Anonymous and demand free drinks or you’ll hack everyone’s Facebook accounts.

Black Swan
This is the only somewhat sexy topical costume that is acceptable this year, and it’s actually not that hard to make: black leotard, black tutu and rockin’ eye make-up. You can get most of this at your local dancewear store, but if you want to make your own tutu, check out this video.

Bonus Points: Any guy that dresses up as the Black Swan is instantly awesome.

Princess Beatrice
There’s no debating that the Royal Wedding was huge news, but dressing up as Kate Middleton or Prince William is boring. Better yet, dress up as the epic train wreck Princess Beatrice. And since you absolutely need that fastener to complete the look, you can buy one here!

Bonus Points: Go with a friend dressed as Princess Eugenie.

The 1%
Put on your best duds and carry around whatever “I’m a rich douchebag” props you can find, and you have an instant topical costume.

Bonus Points: Have your friends dress as Occupy Wallstreet protesters. All they really need are strongly-worded signs.  




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