The best haunted house in Chicagoland: Fear City!

The best haunted house in Chicagoland: Fear City!

It’s haunted house week at Chicago Quirk! I’ve personally visited six different haunted houses, and every post this week will be dedicated to reviewing a different Chicagoland haunt….the best and the worst.

The time has come to reveal my pick for the best haunted house in Chicagoland. It’s brand new, I was the most excited to go visit this one and I was not disappointed. :::::drumroll:::::: Fear City!

Fear City just opened this year in a massive warehouse in Morton Grove, and it is absolutely the best haunted house I’ve been to yet.

Getting There
It’s pretty close to the city, but you’ll still need to drive. You actually end up driving down some very dark back roads by the expressway, so it’s kind of cool.

The Backstory
Fear City takes you on a haunted “tour” of Chicago. After a spooky “L” ride to the outskirts of the city, you’ll wander through scary alley ways, junk yards, a Fulton Market slaughterhouse, a hotel in Cicero and what they like to call a generic Chicago airport and baseball field. I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to use the names “O’Hare Airport” and “Wrigley Field,” but you get the gist.

The Sets
I rolled my eyes a little when Fear City kept saying they had Emmy-nominated set designers, but now that I’ve seen the sets, I say brag on! It’s like a movie! The scenes are very scary in general, but what really makes it is the incredible attention to detail! At one point you walk through a disgusting hoarder’s apartment, and I saw genuine Twinkie wrappers on the floor! And you know exactly what part of Chicago they’re trying to convey without being told. (Unlike SOME haunted houses.)

The Creatures
The characters at Fear City were just as good as the sets. They were actors rather than random people screaming, and they interacted with you more than most haunted houses. I really like that not every corner was filled with someone waiting to jump out at you. Haunted houses can get so predictable, but Fear City built up the anticipation before scaring you.

One thing I greatly appreciated was that the characters don’t violate your space. They still scare the crap out of you, but they’re much sneakier about it. There were several times when I turned around and realized a creature was following me. I personally find that much scarier than someone blowing in my hair.

Best Feature
First off, it’s Chicago themed which of course I love. And, as I keep saying, you knew it was Chicago themed as you were walking through.

I think my favorite parts was the “L” ride at the beginning. While you’re waiting to enter, a “CTA worker” yells at you in a way that’s very similar to a real CTA worker. To board the train you’re ushered through a very realistic turnstyle. Then, when you get on the train it looks like the “L”! It shakes around for a few minutes with very real sound effects and then you exit the train to enter the haunted house. I couldn’t get over how COOL that was!

Would I Go Back
I can’t WAIT to go back. Next year. Seeing as how I’ve been to six already I think I’m done for the year, but you better believe that I’ll be visiting Fear City again.

Insider Tips
Bring your camera! I’ve never thought to do that because you obviously can’t take photos inside the haunted house, but the waiting area is so cool and the monsters are more funny and interactive than scary. They WANT to take photos with you.

There’s an added incentive to purchasing the VIP tickets; you get to skip the line AND you get an extra “room of terror.” Not sure what that means, but it might be worth it.

You get to wait inside!!! Like, completely inside. And the waiting area is huge so if the line is outside the building I would probably just buy the VIP ticket to skip ahead.

Well, there were a bunch of coupons but they all seem to have expired. However, if you text FEARCITY to 35350 you could win two free tickets from Monster Energy.

Fear City is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and Sundays and Thursdays from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. The haunted house is open on October 30 and 31 from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.  General admission is $25. VIP admission is $35.

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