Chicago's most haunted buildings

Chicago's most haunted buildings

Happy Halloween!!!!!! Best day of the year! Since it’s on a Monday this year you probably aren’t looking to get hammered tonight. Why not celebrate the true spirit of Halloween and scare the crap out of yourself?

I’ve spent this month telling you about some of the most haunted places in Chicago, but there are tons more! Here’s a round-up of a few of Chicago’s most haunted buildings. Swing by tonight and say hello to some Windy City ghosts.

Water Tower
During the Great Chicago Fire a pump worker hanged himself inside rather than burn alive in the fire. Over the years many visitors have reported seeing the shadow of a man dangling in the upstairs window.

Clark Street Bridge
Over 2,000 passengers boarded the Eastland steamship in 1915 just off the banks of the Chicago River, in between LaSalle and Clark Streets. Suddenly, the ship rolled over and 844 passengers and crew were killed. Some say that if you stand on the Clark Street bridge and look down at the river you’ll hear screams and see ghostly bodies bobbing in the water.

(It’s also said that Harpo Studios is haunted as this used to be an old armory where the victims’ bodies were taken. But it’s not like you can just go visit Harpo Studios.)

Exclaibur Nightclub
Some people say that Excalibur was a make-shift morgue that housed bodies from the Eastland Disaster, but I’m not sure that’s true. (See above.) Either way, this gross club is widely known to be haunted. This very cool and creepy looking building is actually the former Chicago Historical Society built in 1892.

Iroquois Theater
This supposedly fireproof theater was set ablaze by faulty wiring in December of 1903, killing over 600 people. The story is incredibly sad, and it still remains the deadliest theater fire and one of the deadliest building fires in United States history. The Oriental Theater now stands in its place and many have reported hearing loud footsteps and faint screaming inside the theater. It’s also said that the alley behind the theater is haunted by the ghosts of people who tried to use the fire escape to get away from the fire but fell six stories to their death because the fire escape itself had never been built.

For more haunted locations, check out some of my other posts throughout the month: The Devil Baby of Hull House, Resurrection Mary and Chicago’s Most Haunted Cemeteries,

P.S. This is what I’m wearing at work today. You wish you were as cool as me.


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  • Actually, I DO wish I had those PJ's! Fun!

  • This is outside of Chicago, but Pfeiffer Hall, one of the theaters on the North Central College campus in Naperville has several ghosts, possibly as high as eight.

    Among the ghosts are a professor who committed suicide and a woman who died while watching her grand nephew in a college theater production.

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