5 reasons why you should join Pinterest

5 reasons why you should join Pinterest

Oh, Pinterest. I love you. I was introduced to Pinterest about six months ago at a Chicago blogger get together, and I’ve definitely become an addict. It’s a fantastic waste of time….and incredibly useful!

What is Pinterest? It’s a virtual pin board that lets you organize and share the things you like on the internet. Everything is image-based, so its great for visual people such as myself. You install a ‘Pin’ button on your browser so that whenever you’re browsing something you’d like to save, simply hit the button and a box will prompt you to label your pin.

The actual website is designed similarly to many social media sites. You get a profile, but instead of status messages and a vast ‘about me’ section, people can see all of your pins. Each pin is categorized by you into a different ‘board,’ providing a way to organize your profile.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually really fun. It has become a joyous obsession, and here’s why you’ll think it’s cool too:

1. I feel incredibly creative…..even though I’m not creating or actually even doing anything at all.

I don’t want to think about how many hours I’ve spent going through the Pinterest homepage and other people’s Pinterest boards. All I’m really doing is hitting the ‘pin’ button on stuff I think is pretty, but when you look at my profile I appear to be a highly fashionable and artsy person.

2. How else would I have found recipes like these:

S’mores Cookie Bars

Oreo Truffles

French Toast Casserole

3. One day I will be the greatest party planner EVER!

Pinterest has the best dinner party/wedding/baby shower/general holiday get-together decorating tips. Did you know that if you take a wine glass, put it upside down on a table with a single flower bud under it and a votive candle on top you can make a beautiful centerpiece? Amazing! I don’t know when I’ll ever us this tip, but the important thing is that I can whip this out at any time.

4. I have another sourced to tell me how to dress.

I’m a sheep. I jump on the vast majority of fashion bandwagons, relying on magazines and celebrities to tell me what I should and shouldn’t wear. It’s not because I have an overwhelming need to be a fashionista. It’s because if I didn’t have these sources to go to, I’d probably be walking around in oddly-shaped jeans and random free t-shirts. How does Pinterest help this? I follow those cutesy blogger girls’ ‘style boards’ and try to recreate their favorite outfits. I’ve become very successful at appearing as though I can actually pick out clothing.

5. I may be living in a tiny Chicago apartment now, but I can tell you exactly what I want my next home to look like:

(It will be a sad day for Chicago Quirk when I realize my next home probably won’t have a jacuzzi with a fireplace in it.)

Now that you’re completely convinced to sign up for Pinterest, I’ll tell you that you need an invitation to join. Leave a comment if you need one! And if you already have Pinterest, follow me!


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    I would love to follow you on Pinterest. Please invite me., chteach4@comcast.net.
    Can't wait!

  • Invite sent!

  • One thing you forgot to mention ...Pinterest can be very addictive :) + I'd love to suggest you a good source for home inspiration http://freshome.com/

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    Please add me! I've been trying for months and months! ;(

  • No prob! I sent the invite!

  • I've wanting to join forever now. Will you please send me an invitation? tonya.jones9318@gmail.com.

  • Sent!

  • Hi please send me an invite at amyrt97@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much!!

  • No prob!

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    Hi! Please add me if you can! I have been trying FOREVER! :( Thanks in advance!

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    nilmahusain1@gmail.com :)

  • Just sent it!

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    I would love to follow you on pinterest! Meggie882@hotmail.com

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    YAY! Invite sent!

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    I have been trying to join Pinterest for a while. Could you please send me an invite? Thank you!

  • Can you send me your email address at andrea@chicagoquirk.com?

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    Please send me an invite to Pinterest, I would love to follow as well!

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    Great! Sent!

  • Hello, I realize you've already sent out a lot of pinterest invites and might be fresh out, but I just realized it's been 10 months (!!!) since I signed up for the wait list and would love an invite if you have one to spare. Thanks,

  • Ten months?!!!! That's nuts! I just sent yours. Have fun!!

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    Invite me please sechrests07@yahoo.com

  • No prob! Sent!

  • i would love a request! I have been on the wait list for a week! :(

  • I really don't understand why they even require invitations. Weird. Invite sent!

  • In reply to Chicago Quirk:

    thank you! :)

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