Remember when the Navy Pier floor collapsed?

Remember when the Navy Pier floor collapsed?

I really don’t understand why Navy Pier is the number one tourist attraction in the city. I mean, it’s fun for a few hours, and the IMAX is kind of awesome, but other than that I don’t get it. I assumed I would never really cover Navy Pier (except for my review of the Navy Pier haunted house…coming soon); that is, until I started looking into some of the Pier’s most interesting facts. Thus, Navy Pier is the subject for this week’s ‘Did You Know, Chicago?’.

Navy Pier was originally called Municipal Pier #2. Municipal Pier #1 never existed. Classic Chicago.

After World War II Navy Pier was taken over by the University of Illinois and housed the school’s two-year undergraduate program.

In 2001, workers were unloading tons and tons of sand and dirt in the Pier’s festival hall in preparation for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. I guess nobody thought about how much all that weighed because the floor collapsed into the parking garage below! Nobody was hurt, but at least one car was damaged.

So, what’s next for Navy Pier? This past June The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority announced a whole redevelopment plan for the Pier. They’re looking for architects and designers to redo the whole look of the Pier. Personally, I’m kind up upset that it doesn’t sound like the monorail idea is going to take off.

Navy Pier in the 1930s:

Navy Pier today:






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    I don't remember the floor collapsing, but it is interesting to hear about! I never totally understood the allure of Navy Pier, either.

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