I Saw You

I Saw You
Image via Bruised Orange Theater Company

Do you ever read the ‘matches’ or ‘missed connections” sections of Craigslist? Hours of entertainment. (Side note: the new RedEye cell phone application has a “missed connections” section. Amazing!) Leave it to a Chicago theater company to create a comedy show where actors do dramatic readings of the Craigslist and Chicago Reader ads, called “I Saw You.”

I have to be honest and say I was a bit skeptical when my husband and I were invited to see the show last month. At that point I had never read a missed connections post in my life and didn’t know what I was missing. The show was absolutely hysterical. What’s better than an actor reading about a man who wants to feed rocks to a pregnant woman he saw on the “L” in a twangy southern accent in the middle of the dive-ist dive bar you’ve ever seen?

The Bruised Orange Theater Company trolls these ads every week, choosing the craziest and most outrageous for their weekly show at the Town Hall Pub. The show starts off with the tamer of the posts, and quickly heats with ‘X-matches’ ads so erotically messed up that you can’t believe someone had the balls to put that down on paper. Sprinkle in a little booze, and it’s a good time.

Town Hall Pub is the dive bar to end all dive bars. It’s like your weird bachelor uncle’s basement: carpet and wood paneled walls that haven’t been replaced since the ‘70s, and, even though he may have stopped smoking, you know that stale cigarette smell is there to stay. And of course, the bar’s 50-year-old metal cash machine doesn’t accept credit cards.

“I Saw You” runs every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall Pub, 3340 N. Halsted. Admission is $5. Bring cash.


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    Dude! I saw this last night and googled to get the name of the bar for a friend and you came up!! Way to go. This is hilarious. Some goooooood laughs, great acting and good crowds :)

    We should go together sometime.

  • YAY!!! And I seriously love this show. Jeremy's friend is in the cast so we've been a few times. We absolutely need to go together!

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