Speaker of the House Madigan

In 2016 I Called Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan an Enemy of the State; Guess What? Madigan is Still an Enemy of the State!

The latest revelation regarding the shenanigans involving ComEd (an Exelon Company) is merely the tip of the iceberg.

There is sure to be much, much more in Michael J. Madigan’s closet and by extension the many Illinois Lawmakers (and I use that term very loosely) who take there marching orders from the Speaker of the House. They have been called many things but I still choose to call them “MADIGOONS.” Why? Because they resemble the hoods and goons that used to run Chicago during the Al Capone era; They have all profited by the under-the-table deals while constituents and consumers have paid a dear price.

Have any of you even bothered to take a look at your Illinois Utility Bills? And I mean all of them! Landline Telephones, Cellular Phones, Electricity er COMED, Nicor or Peoples Gas. Of course let’s not forget about Sales Taxes, Tollway Fees, Illinois Secretary of State Fees, Water Bills and how about the two biggies – Property Taxes and School District Taxes.

There is enough listed above to choke a cow.

Yet the voters of Illinois have chosen to re-elect their Democratic Madigoons who in turn have kept Michael J. Madigan Illinois Speaker of the House for 30+ years.

And why not? With so many people on the roles of multiple Public Pensions and a current crop of nepotism from long retired political families – well why not keep him The BOSS! With so much money going into their pockets why give it up? Now some people my say that this current crop also pay taxes well I beg to differ. They get preferential treatment at the expense of unwitting and devoted Democratic Voters.

Hey it has four years since I last posted a blog for various reasons – but I am back and I am coming out swinging!


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  • Unless Comm Ed pleaded to something it didn't do, I'm surprised that:
    a. the complaint started with "Public Official A was the Speaker of the House..." Like that kept him anonymous.
    b.the Speaker of the Ohio House was indicted on essentially the same kind of charges and Madigan hasn't yet.

    Of course, the Ill. Dems., whose campaigns are dependent on the Madigan campaign fund, were not going to call for his resignation. I assume, though, that the residents of the 13th Ward are still displaying their "clean up the dog poop" lawn signs.

  • In reply to jack:

    I totally agree on all counts Jack

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