Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the Real Enemy of the State

Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the Real Enemy of the State
Speaker of the House Madigan

As the State of Illinois heads towards another year without a budget people immediately assume its Governor Bruce Rauner’s fault for his hard line stances. But I have another take on it: Governor Bruce Rauner may have his faults but I think Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the Real Enemy of the State.

I have long believed that if Michael Madigan doesn’t want it – it just isn’t happening! Period!

How many times have we have watched his lackeys and cohorts in the Illinois Legislature keep things from emerging out of committee? Well more times than we probably know given his 31 years at the helm.

What we have seen, though, is that the State of Illinois has become a National Laughingstock. And if things weren’t bad enough we are now seeing more people leaving the State of Illinois then those wanting to come in – and that just can’t be good for the other taxpayers who will soon get the pleasure of paying a larger tab due to the political shenanigans exerted upon them by a bunch of Chicago Machine Democrats.

And Yes Folks – the Chicago Democratic Machine is far from being dead!

Still much of our ills have to fall on the backs of Illinois Voters who have refused to confront the obvious problems. Now they are simply getting what they have asked for – a corrupt political infrastructure that literally goes from the lowest political position all the way up to the Illinois Supreme Court.

And unlike recent claims of a “rigged system” in our Presidential Nomination Process Illinoisans (and Chicagoans in particular) know that that has pretty much been the standard by which our politics is defined.

Whether or not you agree with that in public – you have to know in your heart that Illinois is corrupt to the core!

Personally I am sick and tired of it because if it’s okay for the politicians it eventually becomes okay for everyone else. And before you know it everyone is engaged in all sorts of bad behavior. I mean how many people are double, triple or quadruple-dipping from one or more of the many Public Pension Systems available to them?

Again – more than you think – or know.

But all it takes to find out the truth behind that is to be being willing to follow the money via available sources such as the BGA Pension Database.  All that information is readily available although attempts to make them more accessible can sometimes seem like a nightmare has been cruelly perpetrated upon us by the tricksters who control everything from the gerrymandering of our legislative districts to the election slating process.

Political abuses go far and wide in Illinois but the one constant, it seems, is that Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan has been at the heart of them for some 31 years of staunch party loyalty.

And that, my friends, goes to the heart of how to stop it. Illinois Voters must begin voting against any incumbents who have a history of “following the leader” and/or supporting his political agendas versus that of the people’s business.

Now will that be easy? Not in all cases – but not every incumbent runs unopposed and those are the contests which must be the ones targeted first by Illinois Voters. The idea is to whittle away at the majority Michael Madigan currently has in the Illinois Legislature.

Besides, loyalty only goes so far before a constituency begins to push back at those who support Speaker Madigan’s agendas while depriving their own community politically.

So as much as I would like to believe that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has been to blame for our current ills my common sense tells me that Speaker of the House Michael Madigan Is The Real Enemy of the State!

Hopefully Illinois Voters will finally do something about it.


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  • Sounds like you have a political theory.

  • In reply to FGFM:

    No, political fact.

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