Proposed Hike in Joliet Water Sewer Fees Are A Ripoff

Proposed Hike in Joliet Water Sewer Fees Are A Ripoff

Given residents have already endured an outrageous rate hike once before for “mandated improvements to its water system” the proposed hike in Joliet Water Sewer Fees are a ripoff. And that begs another question to be asked – hey what in the F$$K did you do with that 35% rate increase (that actually amounted to higher than 50% on my bills) accessed in 2009?

Are you telling us that our City Council squandered that money and didn’t do what it said it was going to do?

So excuse me if I am a little skeptical here but ever since I bought our home in 2003 I have seen nothing but a decease in Public Services on the Far West Side of Joliet and after numerous complaints to our sometimes deaf, dumb and blind City Council haven’t seen much improvement since.

What we have seen, though, are the same issues with a water and sewer system not meeting those so-called mandates as well as problems with not enough policing, street cleaning and/or general maintenance. And we haven’t even talked about all the felled trees in our parkways that haven’t been replaced yet even though I was led to understand that there was an agreement in place with Chicagoland Speedway to donate trees in exchange for policing during NASCAR events.

Now I realize that that wasn’t a generally known fact to most residents but was told about this agreement some many years ago when I complained to more than one of our long-term council persons on the Far West Side after a number of cars wound up on our sub-division berms and knocking out a number of trees long before the Emerald Ash Borer’s got a hold of them.

So I am sorry I just can’t believe what the Joliet City Council tells us any longer!

The way I see it the City of Joliet needs to live within its means and that includes no subsidies for the Rialto Theater, Historical Society, Route 66 Museum or whatever. It has been one failed venture after another and while I understand that that there was once a cash cow a.k.a. the Casinos in town – years of nepotism and squandering have left residents high and dry.

So until the City Council produces a deep (and transparent) audit, residents need to be shown where all the money from the last mega increase went. Although I suspect that this proposal has more to do with the city’s desire and bankroll the condemnation of Evergreen Terrace they should have taken a book out of Chicago Politics and have just done a Mayor Daley destruction of Meigs Field and worry about the lawsuits later kind of thing years ago.

And quite frankly for Joliet to tell us they need another major rate increase after socking it to residents in 2009 for the very same reason as before just doesn’t sound truthful to me.

But hey that’s just my own opinion you know?

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