Illinois Tax Appeals Scam Is The Reason Why CPS Have No Money

Illinois Tax Appeals Scam Is The Reason Why CPS Have No Money
Same Old Crap

You know I am really tired of hearing about the Budget Woes of Chicago Public Schools and their underfunded Pension System. So let’s cut to the chase shall we? The Illinois Tax Appeals Scam Is The Reason Why CPS Have No Money!

And not only are some of the principle players in this Illinois Tax Appeals Scam engaged in a Conflict of Interest but I believe they are committing a Criminal Act upon the Taxpayers of Illinois!

Naturally my beliefs on this topic are based upon my on personal opinion but please explain to me how Joseph Berrios the Current Cook County Tax Assessor ((and Current Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party and former Commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review (a Property Tax Assessment Appeals  Panel)), Edward M. Burke the all powerful 14th Ward Alderman (husband of Current Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke) and the Current Chairman of Finance Committee of the Chicago City Council, John J. Cullerton the Current Illinois Senate President (of the 6th District) and Michael J. Madigan the Current Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives (of the 22nd District) and Current Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois – four of the most powerful politicians in the State of Illinois can all be engaged in the Property Tax Appeals Business either as a Law Firm or Lobbyist?

And that is just the tip of the iceberg as plenty more Illinois Politicians are engaged in very the same kind of  Tax Appeals Businesses.

Now folks I don’t want to sound, or be, condescending here but –


If Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner wants to take a pro-active stand on Reform as he claims why doesn’t he sign an executive order banning such blatant practices of elected officials in Illinois? Better yet, why in the hell isn’t the Illinois States Attorney Lisa M. Madigan not doing her sworn duty to rid the State of Illinois of such egregious conduct and Conflicts of Interest?

Well I can tell you why –


High Profile Campaign Contributors give all these politicians (as well as unelected and appointed government board members) money, money and more money. In return these High Profile Campaign Contributors file for Property Tax Relief Via The Appeals Process and win such appeals better than 90% of the time.

Of course when you give entities that can actually afford to pay their fair share of Property Taxes and don’t – well those reduced taxes have to be paid by someone else – and that generally means that responsibility falls upon the Average Joe’s and Josephine’s who can least afford to pay those hyper-inflated tax bills.

And bear in mind folks – we haven’t even factored in all those slick Union Government Employees that will ultimately collect a State Pension from any one of a handful of the 656 public pension systems in Illinois (According to the United States Census Bureau as of 2013).

Hell, some of these slickster University Professors, Medical Doctors, Sheriffs, etc., etc. etc. etc. might even double, triple or quadruple dip the insane number of pension funds (and by virtue of late career bump formulas to do so with an unfair advantage).

So then – why do our schools not have the money owed them?

Strange thing though, I have been trying to expose this insanity for a long, long time now but evidently people don’t seem to care. Perhaps it is because too many people are engaged in this scam or because people really just don’t give a damn. But here’s the deal – I am back and I am back with a vengeance.

I have been through a lot and I am sick and tired of Illinois Politicians and Certain Government Employees taking us for fools and it is high time they be exposed and not only will we expose them – but the beneficiaries as well!



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  • Got that right. Another puzzle about why Illinois, Cook County and Chicago voters put up with it all these years. That scam, however, is just one of the many reasons that Chicago public schools are in such a mess.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Thank You Dennis - Yes Just One Of The Many Puzzles.....

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    The fact that CPS levies one of the lowest tax rates of all public school systems in the Chicago area doesn't help much either. According to the budget release, a $19 increase on a $250,000 house is the most they can get away with under the tax cap. Last year (2014 tax, payable in 2015) the portion of my property tax bill that goes to school systems went up by $122, which is on the LOW end of increases over the past 7 years.

  • In reply to Wayne Driscoll:

    Very True especially when comparing to my contribution to the Plainfield School District - time for a little equality?

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