2015 Chicago Mayoral Endorsement

2015 Chicago Mayoral Endorsement

So long as voters stay away from the endorsement of either Chicago Newspaper, the Sun-Times or the Tribune I would think they are already a step ahead when it comes to a 2015 Chicago Mayoral Endorsement. Let’s face it – there is something sinister and suspicious when both city newspapers blast the incumbent mayor during his entire first term and still go on to pick him for re-election.

Quite frankly – you have to ask yourself if the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Tribune need some sort of special favor from the current administration we are unaware of. Of course our media editorial boards have been kind of all over the place the last decade or so and as such have taken their choices with a grain of salt anyhow.

As for the “other candidates” – well none can say that they don’t have a skeleton or two in their political closets. But the facts remain – Chicago Government has always been something of a country club for aging white politicians such as Alderman Edward M. Burke who recently rubbed Rahm Emanuel’s nose into the nearest snowbank when revelations of him being the most powerful Chicago Snow Fairy came to light.

But that’s not much of a secret is it? Ed Burke is more powerful than the mayor and I have said that more than once. As a result Chicago Voters need someone who isn’t afraid of Burke or his wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke. The Burke’s have snubbed their collective noses at voters for decades and need to be shown the door.

So which of the remaining Chicago Mayoral Candidates is irreverent enough to put everyday people above politicians? Well one thing is for sure – once you figure that out you will have your best choice for Chicago Mayor. Personally I happen to think that Bob Fioretti has that irreverence I spoke of but then again having those Big Balls of Steel in Chicago Politics isn’t exactly a priority among the good ole boys club.

Still Fioretti strikes me as having the right mix needed to change the Status Quo.

I also think Robert “Bob” Fioretti could surprise all the residents of Chicago if given the chance to run the city because he has stood on the side of the people without being wishy-washy or offering voters un-doable schemes or excuses.

And that is ultimately what it is all about isn’t it?

But hey if you don’t believe me then at least do yourselves a big favor by not voting for the incumbent Rahm Emanuel. He simply hasn’t proven he is for the people and as such does not deserve another four years to manipulate or overstate his ACTUAL accomplishments!

Bob Fioretti, on the other hand, proven he is on the side of everyday people.


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  • Considering that "everday people" have been pretty much ousted from the city in favor of gentrification courtesy of Rahm the Bob Fioretti thing is pretty much dead in the water and besides he made his move to slowly to actually have an impact on the voters Rahm is riding that presidential wave and this Brosef has Acid Dropped and no Cactus Juicing in sight.

  • I hear you Craig, gentrification has taken a toll however the Black and Hispanic Votes shouldn't be underestimated. The real problem is that in recent years that vote has declined and have to think one reason is that candidates have too often jumped into bed with the Rahm's or Richie's. Personally, I would have given Willie Wilson the endorsement but as a self-made millionaire has decided offshore profits are more important than inner city ones and that leaves me with a dilemma when it comes to "Chicago for all". No doubt the time has come for a Minority Mayor but that seems to be too tall an order after every deal that's been cut along the way. As for Rahm? Well this election is no slam dunk especially given Obama discontent. Seems to me the time is ripe to extract some real cactus juice if there is a real desire to do so.

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