Nothing About Illinois State Rep John D. Anthony Adds Up

Nothing About Illinois State Rep John D. Anthony Adds Up
Nothin' Adds Up?

Man I feel sorry for the voters of the 75th District. They have an appointed incumbent yet nothing about Illinois State Rep John D. Anthony adds up. And that could lead to future trouble for an area that needs real leadership and vision for a diverse constituency.

Matter of fact, I have been directed to a website called the John Anthony Report and I have to be real honest here folks – if just a fraction of what is contained in it is truthful then I would urge district voters to unanimously oust him on Election Day.

The allegations ring out of bad Chicago Politics and that just isn’t needed – nor wanted out in the suburbs. I mean, for those of us transplants – isn’t that why we left Chicago? No one needs another Chicago style politician that is more concerned with filling their own pockets than taking care of the business at hand.

Speaking of the business at hand, I have to wonder what voters think of any person who would rather buy a degree through a diploma mill and then be handed the  keys to say the bank safe? Do they really think that that money will lie secure? I mean think about it – how can anyone trust the qualifications of a person who didn’t want to take the long and hard road to attain a proper college degree?

Look what America – and specifically ILLINOIS needs – are more well-qualified people to handle the mess the previous less qualified left them!

So backing someone who buys an online degree just ain’t the way to go folks – never ever! That’s nothing more than Academic Dishonesty in my opinion.

But that isn’t the end of it when it comes to this incumbent.

(at least according to the John Anthony Website):

There are other questions regarding his employment record, questions raised regarding his Yarn Foundation (which is supposed to help at-risk families but to date has spent more on buying a vehicle) and the employment of Rick Jacobsen who once had an Emergency Order of Protection filed against him and last but not least his strange friendship with the hate-spewing Ricky “Cracker” Hershel who uses You Tube to espouse the glory of poems like Kill, Kill, Kill?

Now I have to tell you that I haven’t listed every concern listed in that John D. Anthony Report – but that is for you to do as an informed voter. But I urge you to do so because as the title of this post says – Nothing About John D. Anthony Adds Up and you just can’t say that no one told or warned you.

And while we are at – I have been told Michael Madigan is behind Anthony and that raises a bigger question.

If you want real leadership from someone who is willing to work hard for each and every voter of the 75th –

Vote For Martha Shugart on Tuesday November 4th!



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  • Too bad Shugart has hired an out of state opp research firm from St. Louis to do her dirty work. Going after an innocent campaign volunteer? Using his personal financial struggles against him? Slamming him for attending a Christian school? John Anthony is a class act, and a family man. I wonder if Shugart thinks all of these dirty deeds will be worth a seat in the General Assembly.

  • Fraudster by profession should be added to his resume. Thank goodness Shugart let the cat out of the bag otherwise we voters would have had no clue and this conartist would continue the cons! Vote no to the fraud Anthony

  • Anthony should be stripped of his legislative credentials! In the real world you get fired and so should he on Tuesday! What a douchebag!

  • Thank God Martha Shugart has been gracious enough to step forward as our community nurse and run for this office. What would happen if all this information was let out after the election and Anthony slipped his way in and then had step down amid these ethics violations ? It would have been a huge public embarrassment for our district.

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    If anyone wants to ask me about what I think about John Anthony I would be happy to field any questions you'd like to ask. I've never been contacted by the Shugart campaign and only one reporter has dared tell the truth about the above smear campaign against me and John Anthony. I'd be happy to give any and all interviews to anyone to tell my side of it. BTW....if anyone would like to take a look at the original satire piece I did that in no way is directed towards Martha Shugart.... you can go see it here.

  • In reply to Ricky Herschel:

    As has been my policy since Day One - anyone wanting to make a rebuttal or to clarify their position - they are welcome to in the comment area. There is no censorship here (unless someone is stupid enough to deviate from normal human behavior and volley obscenities or threats). So by all means, use this space to explain your side of the story because I firmly believe there are always two sides to each and every one. As for the questions I raised - well I think they were fair game for any political campaign especially since they were mostly based on his own State Biography / Credentials.

    So again, any and all rebuttals are more than welcome here, as are any insights into what you deem a smear campaign. I am more than interested in hearing what you or anyone else have to say politically.

  • Fake degree, fiscally irresponsible the list goes on and on. I think Shugart's campaign should pound this day and night. And let us not forget the extreme right-wing wackjobs this Anthony guy surrounds himself with. Case in point Ricky?

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    I've met Mr Anthony. Far as I'm concerned this article is pure bullshit. We need more guys like John Anthony.

  • In reply to Matthew Alan:

    That's the beauty of having an opinion Matthew Alan (if that's who you really are ) but while some people are impressed with meeting someone I am far more impressed with those that a) look at the voting record and b) isn't in lockstep with the likes of Speaker Madigan. And quite frankly anyone who supports Madigan is part of the fucking problem. Thanks for your comment.

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