It's Election Day 2014 - Now Ask Yourselves A Simple Question

It's Election Day 2014 - Now Ask Yourselves A Simple Question

As the title says: It’s Election Day 2014 – Now Ask Yourselves A Simple Question – Are You Happy?

Are you happy with your choice of candidates? Are you happy with your Political Party? And most importantly – do you think America (and your respective State) is going in the right direction? Now if you are totally honest with yourselves – I am sure that half those questions asked have you worried especially if you live in a politically dysfunctional state such as Illinois.

Please don’t view this op-ed as one intended to bash one political party over another because in Illinois there is only one party – it is called the Machine! And it has been that way for as long as I have been paying attention (circa early 1960’s) and will most likely be that way long after I am dust. Illinois, like many other Rust Belt States have a long history of Patronage and it is precisely that reason why meaningful change is unattainable there.

Why? Because there are far too many people involved. Matter of fact one look at the Public Pension Database should be enough to choke the largest of mouths and throats. I hear people say that that can’t be right – but it is and sadly there are thousands of instances where people receive multiple pension checks. And it isn’t always the high profile politicians either – that list includes State University Professors to the those doing the landscaping along the Illinois Tollway.

Of course, when a state has such a large array of government employee pension funds it makes sense for employees to explore the many ways in which they can tap a hefty retirement income. And believe me not only is that done with regularity but with the help of the Illinois State Legislature when they “open limited windows of opportunity” for those who have more clout than others.

So please folks – don’t pretend you don’t know it happens because it really isn’t much of a secret anymore. But how do you feel when your favorite politician promises you change, reform or that new Health Center the community desperately needs and none of that comes your way? Is it worth it to you to let the politician drive around in his fancy car while you are stuck driving a jalopy? The Bottom-Line in Illinois (and other states) is that the haves always get more and the have-nots get less!

So please take a “real “moment with your thoughts in the Election Booth tomorrow and ask yourself exactly how happy you are this election?


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  • I'm not happy that I probably will have to buy another remote. I mentioned with regard to the last election about that one going out. The unemployment blog suggested getting a DVR and deleting the commercials. I was thinking about getting one to time shift Craig Ferguson, but with that show ending and him admittedly not giving a crap until Christmas, I don't need that for that either.

    At least I did not throw the remote through the flat screen TV, although I could get one now for about 1/4th what I paid for this one.

  • In reply to jack:

    I hear you - sometimes it is better to just put in some DVD miniseries

  • I'll give you one last night that is in point and really frosted me.

    After cruising the dial, I put on The Voice because Taylor Swift was supposed to be on. Instead, some commercial came on (before I could reach the remote) with a sinister voice "The Supreme Court said that employers can deny contraceptive coverage in insurance in health insurance." Brighter: "But we in Illinois can change that. Vote for..."

    Now, who in the state legislature thinks that Illinois voters are so [insert expletive here] stupid that they can get them to the polls on the proposition that an advisory referendum can overturn a U.S. Supreme Court decision? The legislator is probably correct about the voters, though. Somebody paid for that ad.

  • In reply to jack:

    Given the number of ticks I left unticked I could have elected Disney - oh well - elections are local and that is what I basically stuck with. As for non--bindings - didn't bother.

  • For each tax dollar Illinois citizens send Washington, we get $0.75 back in our State. We rank 47th out of 50 on this. The #1 State gets $2.12 back for each dollar they send Washington.

    I needed to see a complete housecleaning of the people we send Washington. They are not doing their J-O-B for Illinois. Understand I don't like either party and wanted to see both sides of the aisle go, and fresh new blood who will fight for Illinois.

    I am not happy with this outcome.

  • In reply to Glenn McCarthy:

    I hear you Mr. McCarthy - at least in the old days the money flowed well between DC and Il but we had people who fought hard for us. A bygone era it seems. And I have to tell you it frustrates this Independent too because I don't mind a little gamesmanship but things have gotten too far out there for my liking too.

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