Illinois Patronage Politics Routinely Disenfranchise Voters

Illinois Patronage Politics Routinely Disenfranchise Voters

Another Election Day is upon us and like the many I have participated in thus far over the past 4 decades I remain frustrated at the lack of progress. Sadly Illinois Patronage Politics Routinely Disenfranchise Voters as party slate-makers play musical chairs with mostly the same career political hacks that either can’t seem to find the right office to satisfy their own thirst or that of the party honchos.

And when they do find that career hack willing to stay in the same place voters are all too often left without an opposition candidate which is probably the most frustrating aspect of a rigged process. True opposition, as we have seen, is also all too often shut out of the process because they are forced to adhere to a different set of rules than incumbents when it comes to running for office – especially when it comes to the number of petition signatures they must gather.

As a result, many good and qualified people decide to not seek office and that is the greatest shame of a political system that has trapped politicians and beneficiaries of a patronage system that has done nothing more than define what each must do in exchange to earn the government salary which butter’s their bread.

So whether it is the big pigs at the head of the feeding trough to those lesser piggies who are indebted to their benefactors in exchange for their continued support and vote – every branch of government, whether local, state or national is rigged and corrupted. But that is how the big cities of the rust belt operate; and it is no surprise that nearly everyone of those cities can’t balance their books.

Patronage is pretty much forever especially given the nepotism! And when you add in multiple pension accounts – well it adds up to a sizable financial obligation. Unfortunately the only solution for that kind of Ponzi Scheme is an environment where taxpayers, one and all, must pay more. And they do so knowing that there will be no end to it.

So forget about promises of reform – Illinois Politicians are all playing the same game folks. Even that so called reform-minded Sheila Simon who belittles her opponent for coming out of retirement to serve as Comptroller. The truth, though, is that Sheila Simon has now served Illinois as a Lame-Duck Lt. Governor (an office that should be eliminated) and now wants to serve in yet the other redundant office of Illinois Comptroller which should have been eliminated decades ago. So Ms. Simon exactly how reform-minded are you?

Really? Hmm – your Papa must rolling in his grave darlin’.

But that is what Illinois Politics is all about isn’t it? We aren’t really looking to improve the state’s bottom-line as much as we are looking to improve the pockets of those who are a part of the patronage machinery and the pecking order that was established long, long ago.

There is, however, a point of diminished returns and unless some sensible politics is allowed to flourish here the best people can do is to abandon Illinois and migrate elsewhere. That way the State of Illinois can be left to those who benefit the most from it. Of course they will find out pretty quick that the Golden Goose won’t be able to supply the same amount of eggs if suckers like us leave for a more equitable state.

But hey maybe that is the most equitable thing that could happen. Politicians and those who collect multiple government pensions can begin paying their own way for once. Maybe then they will understand that things weren’t all that bad for the actual work vs hours worked are eventually calculated.

And that folks is the reason why so many of the greedy people who call themselves public servants; government union employees, teachers, state university professors, etc. must start realizing that asking for more on top of what is already some pretty generous salaries and benefits requires them to take a good hard look into their own mirrors and ask themselves – will enough ever be enough?

Then again things have gotten so far out of hand that expectations of anyone giving up what they so-called earned and protected under the Illinois Constitution might just be the greatest detriment to establishing some political sensibility. Those dependent on the Patronage System have become far too accustomed having the non-government sector pay a much higher and greater percentage than they despite the fact the Patronage System is too overloaded to support in perpetuity.

Oh well another meaningless Election Day is fast upon us -but don’t worry folks we will all hear the same old reform promises the next election cycle.


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  • I had taken you off my bookmarks list because there wasn't anything since March, but I saw you in the right pane again.

    Yeah, there is little choice, and I got away from the voting machine real quick* not voting for anyone who did not have an opponent nor for retention judges who were not blackballed by some bar association. I also voted no on the meaningless constitutional amendments (despite what Sideshow Bob says) and advisory referenda.

    In the few races where there is a choice, I am convinced that the deluded, like Kelly in the right frame, are going to throw the election. Don't ask me to get into it about him, and since he went to Facebook comments, I am not going to bother with him directly.

    *As you might notice from other neighborhoods of Chicago Now, I voted on Oct. 20, and don't understand those who say "I'm going to vote on Tuesday." As usual, I voted for the opponents of candidates I can't stand.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry I forced you to take me off your bookmarks Jack but between fighting some medical issues and just plain not giving a shit about the same old same old political rubbish our elected give us - well I figured I better concentrate on the health thing. Not a 100% but I needed to get back to writing something and will try to do so with more regularity.

    As for your observations and solutions - yes I hear you; I too refuse to vote in an uncontested contest and will exercise that voting for opponents I can't stand; i.e. will vote for Grimm for Governor as I can't in good conscience vote for Rauner or Quinn.

    Anyhow - thanks for your comments as I appreciate them very much.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I wasn't going to vote for a yellow dog owned by a goose, if that's what you did, at least not in that race.

  • In reply to jack:

    Actually haven't voted yet - have an election day tradition

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Which I have said in at least 4 places on Chicago Now, I don't get. Since David Orr says the "who voted" list is available, I figure it cuts down harassment on the telephone.I haven't received any candidate calls, but continued to get calls from Madison, WI, and Cincinnati OH area codes with automated polls. I always press 0 and let them hang up on me. So, I don't trust the poll numbers on TV, and despite Doubting Thomas having seized on one that said Quinn was up 12, it has come down to "to close to call," as it always does.

    At this point, I don't care if someone for whom I voted 2 weeks ago became a serial killer in the meantime. And if someone I just mentioned wins, I'll post the lyrics for "Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana" all over Chicago Now. I'm sure you get the connection.

    But maybe you will reconsider your vote for Ralph the Boston Terrier's and Attila the Cat's buddy.

  • In reply to jack:

    Never tried that "0" trick but then again I just don't pick up cloaked out-of-state numbers. Much easier.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I usually don't, but when they become repeated, one has to use aggressive deterrent measures. Same for, like, alternative electricity suppliers and Rachel from Cardholder Services.

    The 0 one is based on someone saying that no matter the phone tree choices, 0 should get you a human. One actually has to do that with Comcast, but in this case all that got me was a hang up.

  • In reply to jack:

    Will have add this to my arsenal

  • Also, looks no better in Id. At least there we know the King is a Fink.

    Also reminds me of Wayne Brady giving a clue last night about a "mean white man," and Craig saying that was too indefinite. I think it referred to Newt. Wayne said it was a matter of perspective.

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