Rahm Emanuel Screws Voters Out Of A Referendum

Rahm Emanuel Screws Voters Out Of A Referendum
Same Old Crap

Real Democrats aren’t afraid of leaving the vote up to the people. And that is why Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the other oligarchs will never be confused with being as such. You see what “our Democrats” do is deny the public their right to weigh in on matters of public importance by using a bullshit procedural maneuver which hides or ties them up in a Rules Committee. And just like that Rahm Emanuel screws voters out of a referendum allowing them to elect their own school board.

And that, my friends, is why the Status Quo doesn’t, and can’t, change.

I don’t know what it is about being the Mayor of Chicago, but they sure seem to act more like Fascist Dictators than Democratically Elected Public Officials. As a matter of fact, it seems as if there are quite a few Fascists running this state and I think we can deduce who they are very easily by the political fiefdoms they have carved out for themselves.

But I have to tell you something, I think any politician who acts like Fascist should meet the same fate Mussolini did. Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen anytime soon since we are, after all, living in a civil society. Then again, maybe our civil society should consider the bringing back of “the Public Stocks” (like they had in Colonial Times). Of course we would have to modify that some to make sure it is not construed as being cruel and unusual punishment. So NO physical abuse or tickling of feet by passers by. It will just have to be a public shaming in a public square (heckling and hissing encouraged).

Of course that’s won’t happen but hell we sure can dream can’t we?

Hey maybe Guantanamo?

Okay, okay I will get serious here now. If there is one thing that the Ukraine Uprisings should have taught us all is that the ideals of “We The People” are a sacred thing in a Democracy, especially when it is own Constitutional Democracy. But all too often we see that the people are being abused by the very people they have elected to public office. Not only that, those that we elect have also rigged the system so that once they get in – it hard to rid ourselves of them because of the political gamesmanship and Gerry-mandering.

But don’t kid yourselves, what the Ukrainian People did was 100% correct. They had had enough and took to the streets to take it back. Yeah it is unfortunate that it has led to problems in the Crimea or that there is a question whether or not the current Parliament is legitimate or not (personally I think it is but that’s my opinion). Still – power vacuum or not – the people did right to want to take their government back from those who preferred corruption over that of good government.

And just ask yourself something – is it wrong for them to want freedom after years of oppression? Or that they want a job or a stable economy? I don’t think so and guess what? How is Illinois any different right now when it comes to the corruption, nepotism, cronyism, high unemployment and failing infrastructure? Quite frankly, Illinois and the Ukraine have many similarities if you think about it and the common denominator is the corruption and the suppression of people’s personal rights and liberties.

Think about that the next time our shameless Illinois Legislature enacts a law which protects our political scumbags from being accountable! And if you think I’m being harsh here, well then so be it. But when politicians pervert the Constitution and twist laws to protect their own corrupt behavior then we aren’t exactly living in the same Constitutional Democracy we thought we were.

Matter of fact, we haven’t been living in one for a long time now. Whether it be Chicago or the State of Illinois – democracy has been slowly taken away from the people by nefarious machine politicians who have carved-up one thing after another. And one particular and galling carve-up involves the raising of our taxes while career politicians serve as agents for their largest campaign contributors in order to have their taxes reduced or avoid paying their fair share. Don’t believe me? Well, just ask Alderman Edward Burke, just one of the many machine offenders engaged in that scam!

Look conflicts of interest abound in Chicago (Illinois) Politics and it involves those in the highest levels of government. Yet they see nothing wrong with it and neither does a State’s Attorney who refuses to launch an investigation into any of them. Instead, all we get is their bullshit spiel that they are part-time lawmakers and should be allowed to use their influence in personal business as lawyers and/or lobbyists without being restrained.

But hey if The People want to take some control over their own destiny or have a hand in local politics, well faster than you can say zip-a-Dee-doo-dah they get a quicker than quick Vladimir Putin-like Nyet. Or they will do what Rahm Emanuel and his allies did – they pull the ultimate deception by burying the measure in committee using whatever superfluous rule allowing them to do so.

When it comes to controlling Education in the City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel has acted like the ultimate Fascist Dictator. He wants to be the Grand Pooh-bah and maintain total control over the schools and its board. Emanuel also likes to perpetuate the myth that charter schools in the City of Chicago are vastly superior or outperforming the Public Schools (although I will give him that there are a couple) overall they are NOT! And if the truth be told that hasn’t been substantiated nationwide according to Forbes and Stanford University.

And let there be more truth – Chicago’s Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIF’s), like Chicago Charter Schools, are more scam than not. And the sooner you know and understand what’s behind them the better off we will all be.

So please folks, understand that in the State of Illinois, and Chicago in particular – Democrats Are Not Your Friends! Look, I know you would like to believe that they are, after all they hand out the right “buzz words” like flies on shit but they certainly have not acted like they have nor have they shown any inclination to uphold the ideals of the Democratic Party.

Hey I used to be a staunch Democrat until I saw and felt what their actions meant to an Average Joe like me. And if you can’t admit to yourselves that whenever the hard choices have to be made it involves programs for the poor or working class that are the first to go rather than close the spigot for their own gains – well, then you have not paid attention one bit.

As I said in the first paragraph, Real Democrats are not afraid to “leave it up to the people.” It really is as simple as that. And given Chicago’s overwhelming majority that should be a no-brainer. So why aren’t they? Don’t they think the people are smart enough or trust them? And why are they constantly taking away more of our right’s and liberties or imposing Nanny and Sin Taxes or just being Big Brother in general?

Well it really is pretty simple folks – they are all “Fu$kers or Fakers,” whichever word it was that Da Boss Richard J. Daley shouted out to Senator Abe Ribicoff during the 1968 Democratic Convention. Although it has also been reported that what Da Boss really said was “Fuck you, you Jew son of a bitch, you lousy mother-fucker, go home.”

So it just goes to show you that even as far back as then all we have really had around here were politicians masquerading as Democrats. But like Ribicoff said “how hard it is to accept the truth.” And truth tells us all we have been given are more of Medusa’s Snakes. They slither here, there and everywhere all the while procreating and handing us all the next generation of snakes to bestow the Crown of Nepotism upon.

This is what our politics have been and remains to be!

And that, folks, isn’t anything near being a Democrat!


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  • The rule of law has regularized and maximized the injustice that existed before the rule of law—that is what the rule of law has done. When in all the nations of the world, the rule of law is the darling of the leaders and the plague of the people; we ought to begin to recognize this.--Matt Damon reading Howard Zinn.

  • In reply to RA Monaco:

    Very interesting RA Monaco - Thank You.

  • 1. Based on the headline, I thought it would actually deal with a referendum, but a search only indicated one instance in the body.

    2. Referenda are only advisory, and hence meaningless.

    3. The schools were put under Daley's control by the state legislature in 1995, basically because the Republicans said "you want it, you can have it." Thus, a referendum would also be meaningless, because it would take state legislation to repeal that law.

    4. I thought you would go into a more fruitful area, such as that it appears that Ed Burke and the rest of the city council have nothing to do than play nanny, and they could get the job done sooner by banning all business in Chicago, instead of one at a time.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well Jack, SEO titles and blogs are a funny thing; when I (we) determine our headline title it generally is best to use a line in the first paragraph to satisfy the search engines that ranks the post. Sorry you don't like it but I think mine expressed what the issue was (as well as added the appropriate link to a well-written piece) as well as explain "why."

    It is immaterial whether Referendum / Referenda are advisory or not - it is still the means for Americans to have their voice heard. And telling folks why and how the Chicago Democratic Way denies the people the very vehicle to express themselves and potentially make it a big enough issue for the Legislature and/or City Council to take it up is what I speak of here. The facts are what they are when it comes to Democrat's inane need to control mind and thought. And I think I make the case rather well.

    As for the hot potato ("you want it you can have it") it is not quite as simple as you make it sound. Daley wanted control of the schools and had the perquisite clout within that legislature to pull that off. So whether Daley or Emanuel is protecting it they know that there is money to made off education. p.s. in order to maximize their (and cronies) take - they first needed to control it which is exactly what the Legislature did.

    As for your last point - hmm good idea will work on something. But right now I kind of like driving the point that Democrats here are in no shape or form the "Real" Democrats they claim to be. But they are what they are and maybe, just maybe one or two people will remember that when they walk into the polls soon.

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    The Democrats in Illinois depriving the voice of the people is nothing new. In 2008 they led the charge against a Constitutional Convention, which could have made it easier for voter initiatives to lead to amendments to the Constitution. They also brought us Emil Jones who, as Senate President, let the proposed recall amendment wait on the sidelines until the deadline had passed to put it on the ballot. And then in 2010, in a rebuke to those voters who decided that maybe Republicans in Congress from Illinois wasn't a bad idea, redrew the district boundaries with total disregard to the Constitutional requirement that districts be "compact, contiguous, and substantially equal in population."

  • In reply to Wayne Driscoll:

    Well said Wayne Driscoll. It seems nothing will change either. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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