Politics: One Draft After Another

Politics: One Draft After Another
Same Old Crap

Politics: One Draft After Another

I must have one Political draft after another that are pretty much ready to go, yet, been unable to pull the trigger of late. And for that I must apologize to my regular readers and feel I must offer an explanation.

Politics, by its very nature, is contentious. And while I have written more than my fair share of fiery posts I detest the thought of trying to drill the same theme into one’s head. Yet there they are, in nearly every draft – and I don’t think people want that even though the underlying theme is about participating in our greatest right – the right to vote.

Problem is, it is almost hypocritical when it comes to Illinois Elections.

Elections here are pretty much a joke given the influence and interference by politicians who only care about getting re-elected or selected by a rigged slate-making process. From Gerry-mandered districts to uncontested elections –

the reasons to NOT vote greatly outnumber the reasons TO vote.

And nowhere is this more evident than in the Illinois Gubernatorial Primary Election, especially when it comes to the slate of GOP candidates. I have determined that there is not one viable candidate for office here despite the fact that there is a “so-called political outsider” – an outsider that has poured more than $6 million dollars of his personal wealth (and just in the Primary) to capture an office that pays a paltry percentage of that princely sum.

So I have to ask Bruce Rauner –

do you really think people are that fu$king stupid?

Look it is no secret that the Illinois “Powers That Be” a.k.a. Michael Madigan doesn’t like the current governor Pat Quinn. And quite frankly, outside of his sincere and heartfelt devotion to fallen Illinois veterans Pat Quinn is just another by-product of the Chicago Democratic Machine. Sure Quinn would like to point to his resume as being a protector of consumers, but he has hardly shown that since ascending to the Governor’s Mansion. And let’s face it the only reason Quinn is sitting in the Illinois Governor’s Mansion is because another Michael Madigan vilified governor, Rod Blagojevic, is serving a long jail sentence. Ironically it was Blagojevic’s father-in-law, Richard Mell, that perked the ears of Federal Prosecutor’s when his ingrate son-in-law tried to quash Mell’s own clout deal in a Joliet Landfill.

Of course Rod Blagojevich pissed-off the powers that be long before that when he wouldn’t play ball with Michael Madigan and a host of other Chicago Political Royalty. And that is a political no-no around here. Chicago Democrats are taught very early in their careers that they must tow the political line or else face the consequences. And Blagojevich is just one example of the many who have been excommunicated by Michael Madigan and his Goons.

And if the truth be told, the Governor of Illinois is basically powerless if they go against the hierarchy of the Machine. And it has been that way for a long, long time. And if you are as old as I am you would know that the Original Boss, Richard J. Daley, once remarked something along the line of “why would I run for Governor of Illinois when I am already more powerful than he is?”

So that’s exactly why the entrance of this so-called outsider, Bruce Rauner, is so interesting. Especially given the fact that Michael Madigan doesn’t like anyone who questions his authoritarian control over a cadre of rubber-stamping, unprincipled no-minds. So I have to ask – did Rahm Emanuel and Michael Madigan find the “perfect puppet candidate for governor?”

Hey, it’s a fair question given Rahm Emanuel’s and Rauner’s personal (and past business) relationship. And one that people better consider before jumping onto the bandwagon along with those already giving him a huge lead in the polls. That lead, of course, is predicated on the fact that two-thirds of eligible voters don’t bother to participate so I wouldn’t exactly say that he is the people’s choice, but then again no elected official in Illinois is really a people’s choice anyway.

As for the other Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates, well they really haven’t given likely voters much reason to embrace them either. Dan Rutherford, for instance, has this little taxpayer funded report that he claims will exonerate him from allegations of sexual harassment – yet won’t share it. Then we have the long-time DuPage connected Skip Dillard, who I think is a good man all in all and is absolutely right about putting a rat in charge of the cheese. But Dillard is also part of that same old guard that has helped  put Illinois into the situation it is in. And that goes for Bill Brady as well.

You see what Illinois really needs is new blood.

A New Blood That Is Unbeholden to Anyone!

And therein lies the problem because of the way elections are run around here that is damn near an impossibility. Again – go back to that goofy slate-making process, then add in a Primary in which voters must declare a party preference that basically nullifies every Independent Voter who might want to pick and choose between candidates from either party and then last, but not least, that snarly little Gerry-mandering problem we have here.

So to say that Illinoisans are disenfranchised would not be a very fair thing to say. Nowhere has the system been more perverted than right here in good ol’ Illinois. And believe me that makes it awfully hard for political observers to convey sensible discourse. Everything just comes out as a rave and a rant and that is clearly not the way it should be.

Now I take my right to vote very seriously, unfortunately some 60+% of Illinoisans refuse to participate – and believe me – I get it more and more everyday. But allowing a third of the population to hold dominion and hostage the other two-thirds is even more disturbing. And as recent events have shown us from the Ukraine – people that are fed up can, and will force change if they finally answer the call.

That is the purpose of this Blog – it is a call to those Two-Thirds to participate and help bring about change in Illinois.

Having a Michael Madigan rule this state with a dictatorial hand while allowing his Band of  Machine Politicians to feed themselves from a nearly depleted Public Trough is unacceptable by any standard in a Constitutional Democracy.

Illinois desperately needs new blood and needs a fairer electoral system without interference from spineless and manipulative politicians.

And there I go again – it’s the same old message isn’t it?

And it seems no one is listening.


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  • I told Berkowitz that I already early voted, so the merits of this election, if any, are already over for me. Probably the bigger joke was that there were all sorts of judgeships with no candidate, although I wrote myself in in one contested election.

    As I noted there, I'm surprised that 3 of the clowns are running on the "I can work with Madigan and Cullerton" platform.

    The only real question is whether the combination of ads that the Tribune say are grossly misleading and union endorsements for Dillard can get enough teachers to cross over to counteract the number of regular Republicans you say won't turn out. I'm not betting on that.

    But on the declaring issue, at least it is better than when the voters were stuck for 23 months, meaning that they would have to sit out one primary to switch. At least a federal judge threw that out.

    Fortunately, the "Last" button on my remote is still working, if a political ad comes up.

    Kim Jung On reported got a 100% turnout.

    Finally, I logged another chicagonow in the Politics right pane on my psycho list. That basically leaves Doubting Thomas and you as the only ones showing sanity (and I don't see him on the Politics tab). Of course, I count Daily Beefing as only Humor.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hiya Jack Glad to hear from you my friend.

    In Descending Order:

    Doubting Thomas I know is on Twitter at @bthomas314 (p.s. mine is @maciric) not sure if he has another blog offline from CN, but he is Tweeting regularly.

    Kim Jung On yeah figured as such and probably had Rodman's vote too after taking a chance with bringing him the Vodka.

    My "Last" Button working fine and dandy too.

    Glad the Judge threw out the 23 months on declaring issue. As for closed primaries, well you know my position but I do realize we are stuck with it so one has to choose the one where they either want to vote against someone or for someone and use that as the criterion.

    Maybe you are right about the Regulars not showing up statewide but I guarantee you in my 97th turnout will be low...low...low.

    As for the "I can work with Madigan and Cullerton platform" wha? are they frickin' crazy? That's the last thing we need.

    Last but not least Good for you - I just hope that doesn't invalidate the entire ballot and only that contest? Unless of course you were an official write-in candidate?

    Judgeship retentions - hmm you aren't gonna like this but I usually tick off the "NO" box if I even bother at all. There just is not enough real data on the judges around here aside from usual BAR ratings and that just isn't enough. Now if a particular judge has been really good for the area as reported by those covering trials, well he/she would get my vote. Michael Toomin, for instance.

    Glad you got your vote out of the way - me? Still deciding.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Judges: this wasn't retention, but partisan primaries for vacancies. The way it looks, either the party machines circulate petitions before, or just wait until after the primary to fill the vacant slot for the general election.

    On retention (I guess next Nov.) I usually look at the bar disrecommendations to try to black ball them, but usually only vote yes on those who seem to merit it, as my understanding is that a blank doesn't help them get to the necessary 60% (which they always reach, anyway). I might be wrong, but...

    On the partisan unopposed one, I'm sure that the only effect was that he didn't get my vote one way or the other, but it shouldn't have affected the other races, and, heck, the keyboard popup was there. Maybe I hurt some declared write in candidate who didn't get his candidacy out there, but he wasn't going to win.

    I didn't mention that there was a petition signature collector in front of a park district building, and once he said it was for term limits, people flocked to him. I see that there is also an article in today's Daily Herald about how Kim Jung Un's relatives in the Illinois General Assembly (including my rep) think it is a bad idea. I'm not buying their self-serving line. Also, unlike 2 years ago, it doesn't look like she has a strong opponent in the general election this time.

  • In reply to jack:

    I see, just looked at our sample ballots and we also have "vacancy fills" listed. Guess I better look these people up? As for retentions in general - yeah it is kinda funny that judges always seem to hit that magic number. Although, there have been a few tossed over the years if there was a push by the BAR to out them. But boy they got be really bad for it to get to that point, at least that's the way it seems.

    Write-in's: I hear you - I generally do check our clerk's site though. Just in case there is someone who deserves a vote (even if it is a feel good for me knowing I didn't compromise my principles by voting for the better of two evils).

    Our Congressional District changed from the 97th to the 98th and we have four candidates on the GOP / one on the DEM Ballot. This is the one I have been studying - want to make sure I am satisfied rather than just accepting a media endorsement. Speaking of which - the Tribune called Rauner a "change agent" as they endorsed him - oh brother! Guess his political ad income has been good for their change agent er bean-counter.

    Term Limits - yep no POL wil ever want to accept that (whether they use it as part of their rhetoric or not). Politics, by nature, is self-serving.

    On a different note - just watched a documentary on BBC World News about China's Credit and Shadow Banking Culture - there seems to be a dark side. If you get a chance I think PBS shows these from time to time - or you could go to their website to see it - very interesting!

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