Ambrosio Medrano Gets 10-1/2 Years In The Pen

Ambrosio Medrano Gets 10-1/2 Years In The Pen

Former Chicago Alderman Ambrosio Medrano gets 10-1/2 years in the pen and so far as I am concerned he deserves each and every minute of that sentence. Why? Because he was convicted once before for political corruption in Operation Silver Shovel some twenty years earlier. Matter of fact this sentence is more than just when one considers the earlier incarceration of Medrano did absolutely nothing to alter the perception that “teaching an old dog new tricks” was possible. Especially after having been declared fully rehabilitated and set free.

Let’s face it political corruption in Chicago, Cook County and the rest of the State of Illinois is a disease and hard to eradicate.

And no better example of this was the decision by Ambrosio “Piggy” Medrano to try and re-enter a corrupt Chicago Political Machine that he not only instinctively understood – but something by which he could profit from.

Of course the wife of Mister Piggy, Mireya Medrano, didn’t seem to think that the cheating the taxpayers wasn’t a good enough reason for prosecutors to pursue a case against the man she characterized as a “good family man who simply made a few mistakes” and told them they “should be ashamed of themselves” but I sincerely hope she has an epiphany soon.

Then again, I suppose it is hard for the wife of a former politician to understand what that conversation between former Cook County Commissioner Joseph Mario Moreno and her husband meant when they shared a laugh over Moreno’s “hogs get slaughtered, pigs get fat” moment. But I would recommend she talk to any number of the cheated taxpayers who have had to pay a substantial corruption tax to offset the actions of men like this before directing any comments towards a prosecutor.

Quite frankly, blame lies squarely in the hands of those who partake in the time-honored tradition of shaking down the Average Joe’s and Josephine’s who must struggle each and every day while the “fat pigs” and their families laugh all the way to the bank after whatever creature comforts their ill gotten gains have bestowed upon their own households and higher standards of living.

Talk about having no shame!


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  • Maybe she'll have coffee with Potti.

    It looks like the federal judges are getting tougher on the sentences.

  • Sure would be fun to be the fly on the wall although I think "Potti" showed some measure of remorse towards the end given some of her public displays. Medrano's wife, on the other hand, doesn't appear to have a clue as to what shame is.

    As for the Federal Judges getting tougher - I sincerely hope so because it is about time. But I have a thought as to why Medrano got what he got - he is a serial offender and a lighter sentence would surely have been met with serious questions. I am curious too as to what the other charges against Medrano will net him on top of the 10-1/2?

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