Intended Consequences Were Part Of Obamacare All Along

Intended Consequences Were Part Of Obamacare All Along

Now that the people of this country are finally beginning to better see how Obamacare will affect their lives and personal budgets it also becomes pretty clear that President Obama lied to them. This, despite saying “if you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan” or “if you already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance.” Yet Americans are now learning firsthand that intended consequences were part of Obamacare all along.

So Mister President isn’t about time that you and the Democratic Leadership (which prevented its members on Capitol Hill from reading the contents of the Affordable Health Care for America Act before voting on it) to begin fessing up as why Americans weren’t told the truth?

Was it because so many of the Democratic Party mega donors were still trying to figure out which medical industry mergers made sense. Or was it simply just a matter of insurance company executives waiting for their army of bean-counters to calculate what the best path to higher profits was after legislation forced them into offering Americans with pre-existing conditions the right to be covered and eliminating lifetime coverage caps?

Look, I always said it was no accident that the health industry was consolidating. And no one should have known better about the goings-on than a President whose own wife was an integral part. Or what about the many political insiders now serving his administration. Let’s face it, most of Obama’s closest advisers were either in the industry or involved with it prior to coming to work for him. So believe me, if anyone knew how much money could be made from a landmark piece of legislation like the Affordable Health Care for America Act, it would be them. I suppose the only thing they needed to be careful about was to make sure they didn’t throw up too many premature red flags to the masses still “hooked on the hopem.”

The red flags are up now, though, aren’t they?

Still, I have to wonder about all those people who bought into that hopem – hook, line and sinker. I seriously doubt that the majority of them were thinking they would have give up a policy the President of the United States said was theirs to keep should they choose to. I also seriously doubt that the majority of people were prepared for what turned out to be an insane increase in their insurance premiums. But that is exactly what they found out when they tried to apply for a plan on a government website that, thus far, has failed miserably.

You know I have often said that one should be very careful in what they wish for because it may very well be something entirely different than what they were initially led to believe. And if everything that has been published to date is even remotely correct, then that would seem to be the case with the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

And if that is the case – then Obamacare just isn’t very affordable. Especially if out-of-pocket expenses far exceed whatever the so-called guarantees the preventive medicine features are to provide. But hey, I suppose it costs a heck of a lot of money to provide those program give backs and I guess that is what’s driving these insanely high premiums right? I mean they have to offset that cost somehow.

Sadly, I can’t help feeling that the American People have been sold down the river without a paddle because right now Obamacare looks as if it is nothing more than a Government sponsored Ponzi Scheme that will enrich health care providers. And if the poor and disenfranchised really thought that they were finally going to get the affordable health coverage they deserve and were promised – well, I would remind them to think twice before selecting a plan that will, in many cases, make it even more difficult for them to pay for it.

Tax credits or not!

Naturally there will those who see nothing wrong with the Affordable Health Care for America Act and I get that. Look I am not opposed to everyone having access to affordable health coverage and that insurance companies should not be permitted to discriminate against anyone they deem uninsurable. So before you get ready to skewer me, just know that I have no problems what so ever with the basic ideals behind Obamacare.

But it is just not going to happen as advertised!

We are already hearing about people being notified that their current policy doesn’t conform to the new rules and regulations buried deep in the legislation that wasn’t shared with lawmakers and/or the American People. And apparently, they did this all on purpose as they ram-rodded it through Congress to make it the  Law of the Land. Still, why weren’t people told of this long before a botched roll out? It just bothers the hell out of me.

But you know I have another worry – what about all those states who signed-up for Obamacare that have a history of screwing-up government programs like Medicaid? What happens when the Feds leave it up to them to fully maintain and fund Obamacare at the state level? I mean, do you really trust, say the State of Illinois to administer this program?

I don’t know about you but it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

So just mark my words here folks. There will be even more surprises before this is said and done because I believe it was designed to work exactly in that manner. In the end it is about money and who makes it. Otherwise the POTUS wouldn’t have stood tall on the podium while forgetting to tell Americans that intended consequences were a part of Obamacare all along. Then again, perhaps President Obama just didn’t want you to know which of his many mega-donors were going to profit from what will probably become the Non-Affordable Health Care for America Act.

Oh well, at least he can’t blame it on “unintended consequences.”

But it will cost a hell of a lot more than you thought!


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  • Michael, while no doubt some insurance companies and health care companies will benefit in the short run ( and maybe even the long run), the ACA has always been about control -- by the ruling class, which includes above all politicians.

    The politicians of all stripes and at all levels assume they know better than the individual as to what is better for them and "society", and they are going to cram your round peg into the square hole, no matter how much it costs.

    Government controlled health care has been the progressive/socialist wet dream here for the last 100 years, and they are about to climax when ObamaCare is neatly folded into a single payer system.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I suspect you are more right than wrong on that Richard, especially given the fact how politicians do not have to abide by the same laws they enacted for the rest of us. I will say this, though, insurance companies have long played games with consumers too; I mean how many horror stories have we all heard about them denying benefits after years of diligent payment of premiums? And that is why I said I am not overtly opposed to the principle of a fairer and equitable health care system. But yes Richard it is about control on the part of politicians and their special interest bag-fillers up on the Hill.

    Sadly, the people, and I mean all the people have been taken for a ride and as such this does not become a partisan issue as everyone will be effected at some point or another in their lifetime. Hell I was forced to give up my perfectly good (and better) insurance and accept Medicare as my primary insurance even though I get far less in terms of health care for a higher cost than what I was paying. Ironically my previous insurance carrier is the same carrier administering the Medicare Program (BCBS) - so how weird is that? So believe me - I already knew that Obamacare would turn into the cluster fuck it has become from my own experiences even before ACA became the law of the land. Plus my wife must still pay the same premiums under her retirement family plan that would kick as my secondary after all the deductibles are met. So we get zapped twice here.

    So It is all bullshit until everyone (including lawmakers) must abide by the same laws of the land. In a nutshell - me thinks you are right!

  • I was told by an insurance broker not long ago that most of all we have Blue Cross/Blue Shield -- my current but soon to be ex-- insurer to blame for a lot of this mess. I am by no means saying that insurance companies are innocent victims in all this. It seems once upon a time, BCBS lobbied quite successfully in DC to restrict the sale of insurance policies across state lines, severely limiting competition. If there is any organization that needs investigating it is BCBS across all the states.

    I wrote this a while ago, and I asked a question I already knew the answer to, because ultimately it comes down to what lawmakers codify into law, and with no moral compass, we are left with the CF that will become single payer. Some politicians acted out of greed, and some, such as Obama, out of ideology. For Obama, the ends justify the means.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I hear you Richard and I think you hit it on the nail with the "once upon a time." And therein lies that dynamic of where special interest lobbies and politicians together create the dilemmas we face on a regular basis. And whether the motivation is greed or ideology it leaves a lasting and harmful effect on regular people who wind up paying more for goods and services as well as picking up the tab for what I call the cost of government intervention (corruption). All too often we get double-whacked.

    But don't get me wrong - not every special interest group should be despised or lumped into the same category as another. It is just unfortunate that more than a fair majority of them leave us all with the wrong results. But there is strength in numbers and when groups can prove that they have enough of a substantial influence over career politicians (whose only goal is to stay in office no matter the cost) well this is where things go awry. So I guess it is a double-edged sword when it comes to special interests.

    As for BCBS, yeah I think I would have to agree with you and your broker. They do have an enormous influence and with it the ability to restrict fair competition. In all fairness, though, I was always treated good by them prior to my forced conversion so it is hard to speak for others who may have had a different result depending on the BCBS plan they had. But I do see where their influence effects others too. So again - the double-edged sword.

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