William Beavers Ain't No Hero

William Beavers Ain't No Hero
William Beavers (Image: E. Jason Wambsgans Chicago Tribune)

Former Cook County Commissioner William “Hog Balls” Beavers got a judicial slap on the wrist today by U.S. District Judge James Zagel when he was sentenced to 6 months in prison for failing to pay taxes on the tens of thousands of dollars he took out of his campaign fund to feed his need to gamble and “other” personal expenses.

Of course Beavers has been unrepentant throughout the process and has basically thumbed his nose at the law, well, at least until he was getting ready to be sentenced. That’s because he didn’t want to “piss off” the judge as he was handing down the length of time he had to serve. Such a BIG LITTLE MAN this William Beavers is huh? But you know what should really crank the people he once served is that he says they think he is a hero. Well excuse me! William Beavers Ain’t No Hero and he never will be so long as he thinks he is above the law.

You know I am just astounded at the arrogance of these old-style machine politicians who think that they are owed more than what they deserve. And it isn’t just Mr. Hog Balls that does that as the powerful Edward M. Burke has really figured out the best scam yet when he voted on a measure to limit how many challenges City Hall can invoke on his own nifty property tax law practice.

Case in point: Edward Burke currently represents multiple big name clients who want a substantial reduction in the property tax money they owe the City of Chicago and City Hall is basically powerless to challenge their elder leader because he also had a direct vote when rules were passed governing that sort of thing. Of 568 pending refund cases, City Hall is permitted to challenge a paltry 63?

Now Beavers and Burke must be cut from the cloth when it comes to stiffing the taxpayers but when it comes to being smarter or having the bigger set of hog balls, well Edward M. Burke definitely wins that contest, er, pants down. Then again Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios ain’t no lightweight either, after all he is the Nepotism King of Cook County.

Believe me folks –

there’s just no way in hell that Cook County Politics spawn heroes.

But hey they do have a big number of stugots pretending to be!


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  • On Beavers, he shut up before the judge, but then not before the post sentencing press conference. And he said he was a hero because he stood up to the government, but to the rest of us he was the government. If his people are South Shore, they elected 3 criminals. If his people are Stroger's people, most of them are now convicts, except Todd himself, who was too dumb.

    Other than Burke having a conflict of interest, which he apparently discloses and thus stays within the law, that reminds me that was Joe Moore's defense, in the sense that Joe wasn't indicted. I wonder if Burke is going to zoom your click count (I doubt it), but writing a piece about UNO in English didn't get you any.

    I also mentioned earlier the difference between the population and eligible voting population in Burke's ward. That came up in connection with the Back of the Yards shooting, in which it was noted that city services were poor, because, besides being split into 5 wards, members of one demographic group can't vote.

  • In reply to jack:

    Beavers is nothing more than the typical Chicago Machine Weasel and useless to society. Burke on the other hand is not only a weasel, but a sneaky one at that. But I can one day seeing someone wiping the smile off his face yet. Right now he has the support of Latino weasels too but they will show him what the "switchblade of loyalty" means should he become of no use to them any longer. Unlike African-Americans who's support is nearly absolute not so with Hispanics.

    By the way that UNO piece netted me big numbers on the Facebook side so you really can't go by the clicks or comments you see here. Twitter was also abuzz so I feel pretty good actually.

    So my posts go here there and everywhere Jack.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    How much did Moore get you on Facebook?

  • In reply to jack:

    It was well over another 900+ Clicks; actually it goes beyond FB - my Add This Summary shows that of my last 20 posts on both this blog and my sports one - 18 of them went viral. It really is a combination of things you know? The social sites start splintering out like a spiders web. And plus I have been picked up regularly by bigger sites so it almost works like a Ponzi thing. Pretty amazing. But FB and Twitter really moves them.

  • The Tribune* has an Illinois pols hall of shame. I don't know how exhaustive it is, or whether it is fair to finger the acquitted, but it does tell a story, mostly that bribery and tax evasion are constant themes.

    *On the home page one minute, not the next

  • In reply to jack:

    Yeah I saw that too. It is something like 66 Slides which is just too much. I dunno the Trib and Times are obsessed with clicks so the more slides the more clicks. MSN is notorious for that!

    But you are right, there is a common denominator here and I believe one way to eradicate it is to change the rules on those political campaign funds. They should have no access to it outside of paying for campaigning and when they leave office must forfeit it. It is just to easy to say oh I'll borrow from it and pay it back as Beavers claims he did. Just remove the damn temptation altogether you know?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Some people were on more than one slide, other slides had more than one person. So, maybe 66 is approximately correct.

    On the substantive point, that's the difference between JJJr and Beavers--one is not allowed to appropriate federal campaign funds for one's own use, but there apparently isn't any state restraint, only that the feds make you pay tax on it.

    The campaign fund issue still doesn't deal with direct extortion and bribery, of which there was still plenty.

  • In reply to jack:

    Can't argue that one my friend.

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